Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Bit of This, a Bit of That

The Volunteers.  Squash blossoms along my driveway's edge.  I did not plant the squash.

Guardian of the Garden.  Neon Green and Awesome, Grasshopper originally hails from the Dollar Store.

Winter draws Near, and elements of the garden are forgotten
Hanging Spider

Vision is doing well, eye healing.
Green eyed Mops, one of my bad boys.
Fat Oci and Soloman are best friends now.

Soloman is a good boy with the kindest heart.
Then there is you know who.....


  1. I am really glad that Vision's eye is healing and yes, Mops does have that 'bad boy' look. And a lot of charm.

  2. Mops does have "the look", doesn't he? He's good friends with Sam but he and his sister, Buffy, fight all the time now. They used to be so close, especially when their other sibling, Doc, was here. I called them Sam's Clan because the three siblings were so close with Sam. But after the amiable Doc was adopted, things went south for Buffy and Mops, personality wise and they were never the same sweet kids.

  3. Beautiful photos and the squash blossoms look pretty. And you can fry 'em up and eat them! I' m so glad Vision is improving. Thanks for sharing your pretty kitty photos.
    Have a sun shiny day! Hope it's not too smoky with all the fires we have in Oregon and California.

  4. I love plants that just come up on their own.

    Great photos as always.

  5. It's raining today, here, Autumn, first real rain, outside of that brought with thunderstorms, in a long time. Makes me sad though. Feels like summer is over. Used to be our summer's came late and lasted into October. We could count on comfortably hot Septembers, even Octobers, but seems like now, once the first rain comes, it's over. I hope not.

  6. Snow, I do too, since I seem to have no green thumb at all. It's very nice when plants just come up and grow themselves.