Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morn

To those who celebrate, Happy Easter.

I woke up early after sleeping a good share of yesterday.  Let's call it napping.  Sounds better.

Why not?  It was gray and cold and rainy and my right arm and hand were numb off and on, from inflammation, so I couldn't really do much else.

 Slinko finally sneaked a spot beside me on the bed.  Took awhile.  The guardians wanted him nowhere near me or the bed.  That's their domain.

He's got that let down look, like it was too easy and he's disappointed about that too.

Not my problem, Slinko.

 I watched the sky lighten to the east.  Today the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm.  Might get up near 70 degrees.  MIGHT!

Through my other window the moon was still out, shining bright through the neighbors' maple tree.

Cat Moon Tree
And who was watching me in the night?

Zeva, that's who.  Roof hopper.  It was dark out.  I lightened the photo so you can see her there, staring in at me, from the neighbors roof. 

So I played laser pointer with her from my bedroom window, and she darted around the neighbors roof after the red dot, which showed up well in the dark.  She whips her tail back and forth when she plays.

Guess what?  I woke up this morning to learn someone donated the last money needed to reach Cougie's fundraising goal, to completely pay off the cost of the surgery she had two weeks ago, that removed the last of her teeth.  Yippee!  I am so relieved.  Money is very tight these days, as most people know.  She's doing very well!

Speaking of toothless wonders, Gretal had her teeth out, all of them, in a series of dentals a few years back.  Look at her now!

  And then there's this.....

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