Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Slinko Comes Out--New Vid and He Still Needs a Home

Slinko is awesome.  No way around that label for this kitty.

He's all boy.  He's rowdy and wildly playful.  He's enthusiastic and he couldn't care less if he accidentally runs into another cat when he's playing.  The drama screams from outraged cats seeking victim status do affect him.  He doesn't understand.

He tries hard to keep it gentle when I'm petting him, keeping the claws in.  He is wonderful.

He didn't understand much about group dynamics when he came here, so he kept a low profile, and was OK with me thinking he was feral.

Cold weather, snow arrived, cat yard wasn't good enough and in he came.  Wasn't long before I noticed his arched back and prancing back feet---sure sign a cat wants some attention.   Then he wouldn't let me be.  He runs through my legs when I walk.  I don't think he is trying to trip me, on purpose, but he trips me.

This is an awesome cat.  He no doubt would act shy guy at first in a new home, but eventually he will take over.  He LOVES to play.  He also likes to cuddle.

I'm downsizing the herd, if I can, finding anybody tame enough a home, if I can.  Age is taking its toll here, however.  Many of the cats are rather ancient.  I miss Electra but it wasn't a great shock that she passed.  She declined rather quickly in the last year.  She was somewhere just over 15 when she died.

I can't imagine Hairy or Vision will last another year.  Vision is now 20.  Hairy somewhere in a cloudy area 15 or over.  Miss Daisy is over 14.   Those are my three most elderly.

However, the group 8 and over encompasses the vast majority of cats still here, outside of a few.  Those few are who I focus on and they include Slinko.  I also want to find Smolder, Sage's son, a home.   He'd love a home.  He's huge and all black and very sweet.  He did go to a home once, but he hid and they didn't like that, so they asked I come get him.  His brothers and mom got homes, so I just know out there somewhere is a home that would match with him.

Sure, both boys are happy as heck here, but if I find the right homes for them, they'd do ok. 

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