Monday, March 03, 2014

Saints and Donars Needed. Sponsor an Odd Cat Out kitty!

My friend, the director of Poppa Inc, whose spay neuter mission is now closed, still runs a sanctuary for the unwanted cats she calls Odd Cat Out, under Poppa's old banner.

OCO is low on funds and badly needs people who will step forward to sponsor cats.  OCO is paired with at least two adoption groups now, who are helping find homes for the tame cats that find their way temporarily, as a safehaven when they are in imminent trouble, to Odd Cat Out.

OCO has been creating a new website.  The old Poppa site had not been kept up after they closed the spay neuter mission and the board member who upkept the website resigned.

Here is it:  Odd Cat Out, but site still under construction.

I can tell you, there are a lot of cats from this area at Odd Cat Out.

Like Solo, the sad lone black kitten I trapped behind a house next to the 7-11 on Queen street here in Albany.  She'd been trying to survive eating food from the 7-11 dumpster.  Nobody cared if she lived or died or noticed her horrific struggles.  She had a tear, that has disabled her, between her vagina and rectum.  It was surgically repaired but she was left with some bowel issues.
Solo, getting warmed up, just after rescue

Like Bobbi and Trucker and Princess and Trudy---all cats I removed, with the help of Poppa's director, a few years ago, from the homeless camp near HP in Corvallis.  Bobbi is fairly tame now and so is Trudy.  Trucker and Princess are not so much.
Bobbi, when he was out in the homeless camp.

Like Big Ben, a massive FIV positive male I trapped with five others, fed near Santiam Christian high school in Adair Village by two women.  The county was going to kill those cats.  Three of the six tested positive for FIV.  Adair is inflicted with this disease, since so many people there are so irresponsible and allow unfixed cats to free roam and fight.  OCO took in Adair, a gray long hair FIV positive boy, and also the mighty monster Big Ben, the most lovable monster you could ever meet.  Adair died of complications from FIV two years later.  But Big Ben is still there at OCO, still charming, still lovable.
Big Ben, formerly of Adair Village

Like Twister, an orange long hair FIV positive boy who once lived on Clover Ridge Dr. in Albany.  But his owner sold out to a developer, who had promised to be kind to the cats.  Instead, he contacted me and asked me to get them fixed but that he would take them back.  But then he refused to take them back, built four houses on the lot formerly occupied by the old woman, sold them and left.  I called him the devil in blue jeans, because he was good looking and a fast talker, a manipulator supreme.  Money was the god he served and people were the tools he used to get what he wanted.
Twister of Clover Ridge has been at Odd Cat Out several years

Like 6 cats of 13 I trapped at the Albany Premier apartments, under fire from the city and from management there, who had evicted the tenants who fed the cats (who fed but didn't fix) and decreed a horrible slow starvation death to this family of cats.  
Patches, formerly of the Albany Premier apartments,  now at Odd Cat Out, with five others from the same place

There are many other cats from this area up at OCO, getting shelter, food, water, and love.  Let's make sure that keeps happening.

Spread the word.  OCO needs cat sponsors or donations of any amount.  They're on facebook too.  Ask your friends to sponsor a cat with you.  Do a fundraiser.  It all adds up and it all helps.

Thank you.

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