Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pay Back

Pay back?  For what?

Well, my body paid me back for sudden over use.

My sacro illiac joint was so inflamed last night from jaunting like a teenager up and down canyons in Silver Falls state park it kept me moaning and groaning in bed trying to get comfortable until I gave up and slept on ice bags.  Sometimes I wonder if it will ever heal, ever since I injured it in a sudden twisting movement when I slipped out trapping the Lebanon Let Em Breed colony last November.  I hope it will heal.  Last night I got reminded its still not healed.  But I sure had great fun yesterday getting out there.

Here are a few more photos, some in altered states.

I'm still searching for a home for Slinko.  A guy in the mid west says he will adopt him if I can't find him a home anywhere else.  What a nice guy.   He got featured on the blog Life with Cats. 
See it here!

I've still got his facebook page active, too. Find Slinko's page here.

He loves to play!

Sam gets in on the action too.  He's so athletic and loving, but still my Peeman, insecure and sometimes VERY insecure.

Since her dental, when all her teeth were removed, Poppy has blossomed into a healthy and loving kitty, who also loves to play.

I recently began the annual spring haircuts for the long haired cats.  First up was Angel, who has the longest finest hair you could imagine.  I think she was built to live in Siberia.  She has inch long fur on the bottoms of her feet.  But her fine undercoat mats.   Took me an entire day to get it all off, and to trim her ear fur too because otherwise she gets yeast infections.  Too much hair.  But she's happy now, to be free of it, and was very very patient with my clipping job.  She remained in the bathroom for three days, so I could make sure her ears were dry and free of any yeast.

Hairy has similar hair, but since he stayed inside, and rarely ventures out to the garage room or cat yard, after I took him to the vet some time ago over his own yeasty ear troubles and his last clip job, his hair hasn't grown back so long.  He has fine hair that easily mats however like Angel.  Hairy is old and now, very tame.   He follows me around mornings, until he gets petted several times.  He's so funny to also have come out as tame finally, although he is a surly tame, very independent minded and not needy at all.  He gets what he wants on his terms.

Calamity, on the right, has several friends here, although she can be a bit of a drama queen.  On the other hand, everybody loves Juno, the seed warehouse Siamese who suffered heat stroke.  She gets along with even the drama lovers here because she knows how to move out of the way and not be a target.  She loves to play and loves life.  She's on the left, cuddled with Teddy, from the homeless camp.

The Lebanon crew are very funny.  It is Hawkeye, the last cat caught, a little girl, who now moves into a position so I can pet her backside each morning.  She sits atop a carrier just beneath the bed, waiting for it, knowing when I'll come in, in the morning, to start chores.

Mopsy McMuffin is getting chubby.

Vino is laid back as ever!
I overdid it on the hike yesterday.  I went from zero to sixty in nothing flat and now when I am flat on my back, my injury incurred saving these lovely Lebanon cats can make me use colorful language.  It was worth it, the lousy pain last night, to visit such a lovely part of Oregon that is really very close to home.  I feel revitalized in spirit and eager to go out again.  Oregon rain has returned, pelting us good with wind too.  But that's life in Oregon.  One day it's bright sun here and the next--a deluge.

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