Monday, March 10, 2014

My Brothers Did This To Me....

Some drug freaked hippy must be responsible for this paint job, right?
Nope.  My contractor brother did this to me.  With his son.  Artists of extreme spray can talent I have thought ever since.

I'd bought this junker car for $100 or $200, after living without a car too long.  It barely ran but it ran well enough to drive down to see my contractor brother, so I could show off my wheels.  Well, it was flat black with rust in color and all my brother saw was an empty canvas.  He and his teenage son filled that void with spray paint art and I drove home in the ultimate cop magnet.

But wasn't it beautiful?  And what did my other brother do to me?

He took me to Jimmy Buffet concerts that's what.  And that's me, laid out in the hay, in this very old but very loved photo, with the plastic shark and yes, I've passed out in Margaritaville.  My brother took the photo.  The smoke is from barbecues and firecrackers.  There's a skull and crossbones flag flying.

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