Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oregon Normal

It's been pouring rain.  With wind.

We can all sigh with relief.  All is well in Oregon.  Now we can feel ok, not weirded out over the lack of rain.

At first when the rain returned, we held off, maybe feeling guilty, worried it might not last or be enough, but now, that the rain has REALLY returned, we feel comfortable again complaining about it.

It's raining, it's pouring
The gray days are boring....

I renewed my license.  Finally.  I've been putting it off.

I couldn't find my birth certificate.  How in the hell was I going to prove I was born in Oregon, oops, in the U.S.?  I thought walking into the DMV drenching wet, no umbrella, smiling, should be plenty to prove my roots.

The first reminder letter I got from the state said it would cost $86 to renew.  The second reminder letter apologized for the first, and said they'd made an error and it would cost $68, not $86.  Now that's a mistake I like hearing.

Then I wondered if I would pass the vision test.  I memorized all sorts of eye charts, just in case.  They were all wrong but no matter, I could read every line they didn't even ask me to read in the vision test.  I impressed myself.  Pass.

Fat Ed Lied, ordered pie, zebra died.   That's my memory helper phrase for the 20/40 line on what was supposed to be the one and only universal eye chart test, according to the web.  FELOPZD.  No zebra's involved in the long line of letters I read off today without an error, then started in on the line below but was stopped.  "You don't need to continue.  Your eyes are fine," I was assured.

Well, ok then.  How would I know.

I got a new project.  The toilet seat broke off.  I hope this project, replacing it, doesn't take me all day tomorrow.  I got a brand new used seat at the habitat store for $5.  Classy, too, clean, nice and sort of solid.  Sheets of hail were coming down by then, so I held the seat over my head as a dashed for my car.    Now I'm thinking of all the reasons maybe I should buy toilet seats new and not used.  Ewwwww.

But then, I do use public restrooms.  So, the used seat, it's ok. I'm over it.

Here are Oregon rain puddle photos for you to enjoy of my cat yard.

Electra's back from knocking away on deaths' door.  Good thing Death was taking a nap and didn't answer.

That's Electra in her cozy sick bay, heating pad underneath fuzzy blankets.  Good also for rainy weather snoozing.  It's in a cupboard in the bathroom.

And Miss Daisy, well I'm so darn soft.  I let her have her new little favorite sleep zone, the carrier that I left on a counter in the bathroom.  Actually I got super scared for Electra on Sunday.  She was gasping for air.  I even called the emergency vet to tell them I was bringing her in for euthanasia, to be ready, and was sobbing.  I had the carrier ready and sitting on the bathroom counter.  But when I go back into the bathroom, to get her, Electra is fine and her gasping was just my overzealous steamer going, and she got too hot. 

Miss Daisy took over Electra's euthanasia carrier, left sitting there on the counter.  She likes it.  She doesn't know it was to be a coffin.

Doesn't she look very satisfied and happy?

So this cat (photo below) hangs around the street, now and then, and fights nights with Simba, who lives a block over.  Simba is neutered.  I got him neutered.  I thought this black tux was fixed, but he spray marked that garage, over, what appears to be, a lot of prior spray marks, just behind him, on the garage. (picture a guy spray painting his graffiti over that of another guy, same thing)

 So....I'm going to try to catch him.  Why?  It's in my genes.  I have no money to get him fixed, but he will get fixed somewhere somehow.  This is my hood, buddy, and I will sell my organs if need be to make sure all cats in these here parts are fixed.

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