Thursday, February 06, 2014

More Snow. More Snow. More Snow.

The closest thoroughfare to me.  Unplowed, unsanded with maybe 9 or ten inches of snow.  We don't plow here.  Or sand.  Or anything.  Because we don't usually get any snow at all.

Backyard buried.

Cat yard cat house buried.


Home made Gators.
I finally got stir crazy enough watching the snow drifts get higher that I decided to walk to the store.  The nearest stores are all convenience stores, in case you are wondering.  That's it in this area where I live.  So off I went to the Circle K.  But first I made gators so my pants would not get soaked walking through ten inch deep snow.  I used some garbage bags and duct tape.  Worked well.

With my car on the fritz til who knows when, my feet will do the walking.  Or sliding.

No streets have been plowed around here.  This town doesn't have a plow.  I guess Odot finally helped the city sand some bridges to keep the wreck numbers down.  Thanks odot.

Lots of guys (and some gals) are out with their big rig four wheelers trying to squirrel around.

The birds were struggling so I fed them lots and then sat back and watched them, feeling good I had seed for them, with the cats.

There was a 20 car pile up on the interstate that bisects the town.  Was closed for hours southbound.  That's life.  My own car is overprotective of me, and breaks down anytime weather is bad, to keep me off the roads.  I love my car.  My car cares.

Other than that, guess I wait until it goes away and I can get my car fixed.  Other than that, I'm stuck here watching the beautiful snow pile high around me.

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