Friday, February 07, 2014


I wrote this post earlier in the day with the first photo of the rhododendron, and this photo above, I just took because it's been snowing all afternoon, and the rhode is now almost buried.

Buried in snow here, in Albany.   More coming down.

We don't get snow here.  Well, we do now.
The photo below I took this morning.  I just took the one above, showing 14 inches, but I didn't go out far, and those are my old footprints from this morning in the snow behind it, so there may actually be more than 14 inches.

Right now there is somewhere between ten and eleven inches on my sidewalk.
Hope the roof holds under all that weight.
Backyard is buried in snow and drifted snow.
This bush is barely visible and is planted in a raised bed, the sides of which are six inches tall.  I can't find the sides.
The birds are glad to at least have a bare tree.

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