Saturday, February 08, 2014

More Freezing Rain

Rain is now falling instead of freezing rain.  But the wind has come up some and the roads are a mess.

I walked to the store, but there were few souls out.  People driving, even chained and in four wheel drives, were sliding severely when they tried to stop.

I watched a small light newer Honda, chained up all around, try to navigate Marian St., oblivious to the danger he put pedestrians in, as he slithered around the road.  At one point, his car came sliding towards me, up on the sidewalk and I left the sidewalk to stand up someone's driveway.  The driver had a huge grin on his face, yet he could kill someone with his foolish behavior.

I cleared half my driveway at least.  Earlier in the day, fearing the freezing rain, accumulating on the cat yard wire, would bring it down, from the weight, I went out and knocked much of the ice off.  It came down around me in sharp spiked showers, that stung my face with their edges and volume.

A barn came down south of Corvallis, from the weight of snow, then freezing rain, injuring two people.  Last I heard they still had not freed the second person, who is alive at least.

Power lines have been downed in Lebanon and Sweet Home, from the weight of freezing rain on tree branches, that then fall across lines.   I have everything charged up, my clothes washed, my coat dried from the walk to the store, because I anticipate we may lose power here also.

By tomorrow, I would guess, much of the mess may be done with.  The snow is gorgeous.  But the dirty slushy mess as it melts isn't pretty.

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