Sunday, February 16, 2014

Legalize Pot in Oregon?

Oregon is posturing to legalize pot here, like they've done in Washington and Colorado.

I don't smoke pot.  Reality is OK with me.

I've known plenty of potheads--people so addicted all they think about is smoking more and getting more.   It is addictive and it does make a person lose motivation.

But that's not my business.

We have enough people trying to limit freedom and think for us without letting our own brains make our own decisions.  We get dumbed down when we are over regulated and other entities do all the thinking and choosing.  Like politicians, laws and churches.  Churches are right up there in dumbing us down, doing the thinking for us, and smothering freedom, differences and free thought.

Seems like lots of people want to be the rulers of the world and force everyone else to think and act and believe just like they do.

So, although I've seen pot destroy plenty of lives, I don't think the government should regulate it.  That's the place of the free mind and personal choice, to make those decisions and regulate oneself.

The Oregon medical marijuana bill, allowing people to grow and use a limited amount of pot for medical reasons, is a joke.  Let's just all admit its a joke.  Because it is.   If I had cancer, yeah, I would want to smoke dope and should be allowed to smoke dope.  Reality for cancer patients and people with other severely painful conditions isn't pleasant.  They should be able to do pretty much anything they feel helps.  But  most people I know with medical maryjane permits don't have cancer, don't have anything, except they're addicted to pot, or like smoking it and also want to make a bit of money selling it, under the guise they're medical pot growers or have cards.  That's the reality of the Oregon medical marijuana law.

Potheads generally don't steal like meth heads do.  Meth is brain rot, zombieville, and its use creates crime.  Like heroin.   When personal use of something filters out to affect others, like crime rates, kids, safe neighborhoods and health care costs, that's when restrictive laws get made, to keep the bad choices one person makes from affecting other people.

Freedom is sometimes not pretty and relies on people with free choice to behave themselves.  So behave yourselves potheads and your choice to use will remain free, if Oregon decides to go that route.

Freedom means also I might not like what you do as a free soul.  But that's life and that's freedom and freedom creates a better world and smarter people who must use their brains to decide things for themselves. That's if you have a working brain not smogged out in weed smoke.  

That's my take on it, for what it's worth.

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