Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hanging in There

Electra, before she went to the vet, was on death's door.  She may still be, but she doesn't feel like it now, not after that steroid shot.  After we got home, I gave her fluids, and after a couple more hours in the bathroom, on the heating pad, on which she is laying in the above photo, taken before she went to the vet, she asked to be let out of the bathroom, to see her friends and wander around.

So why not, you know, and she was out for awhile, also eating and drinking.  It bothers me once the elderly get imprisoned in a nursing home, their food is restricted to tasteless mush.  Elderly, once in a home, never to get out again, should be treated like elders, allowed anything they want, to eat or drink.  If someone wants a milkshake every single day they should get a milkshake every single day.  They should be allowed wine and beer too.

Later I found her back in the bathroom cupboard, so I turned on her heating pad again and she was happy.  She's come out a few more times, and eaten more.  Now she's back sleeping on the heating pad.

I have also been back to steaming her.

Molly, from the Albany apartment complex, is coming out of her shell.  I feel so bad for her.  She was the one who had just had kittens when I trapped her and I was not allowed to go find them under the building.  It was a shock, a tragedy, because initially I'd been told I could go under the building or that a maintenance man would do so. I won't forget them doing that to those kittens, and to Molly, and to me.   In my mind and heart, those apartments are cursed for the way animals were treated there.   A place without heart or soul.  A place where, when you pass, the coldness seeps out at you like a demon.

She's found a new friend in the young Lebanon colony male, Arrow.

 Arrow isn't very old, still has the kitten look in his eyes, but he is brave, and along with Vino, Mona Lisa, and Huckleberry, he has ventured forth to explore the house and cat yard from the second bedroom.  And met Molly, who wants to mother something.  So now Arrow has a mother figure.

 Slinko is from the same place Molly came from, and only recently came out as tame.  He's scared of blankets, for one thing, still bolts if I speak loudly, but otherwise is having a grand time, and loves to play wildly.

Sassy who is of the Albany business cat group is wildly beautiful and has lost, as she grows up, some of the "ever worried look" that most of the younger business cats had.  It was the shape of their eyes that gave them that certain look.  But as they have grown up, their faces have filled out and some of that worried look eye shape is gone.

Cougie and Rogue, part of Sassy's family, are doing well, by the way, after their dentals earlier in the week.

Last but not east, even though Valentine's Day is over, a photo of best friends Slurpy and Miss Daisy.
Slurpy, who is young by comparison to Miss Daisy, who is now 14, also outsizes her considerably.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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