Sunday, February 02, 2014

Brother Visit

I went up to see my brother this afternoon.

My younger brother and his wife also went up.

I arrive and tell him I'm disappointed, expected to have something to gawk at, but he looks quite normal, talks quite normal, moves quite normal.  (which makes me really happy)

We sit around and make bad jokes for two or three hours, stretching the limit of how long we should have stayed, I think, at someone's place who just went through what he and his wife just went through.  They were obviously tired.  I got up and said "I'm leaving."  And I left.  Followed soon by my younger brother and his wife, who are spending the night in a hotel up there.

He can't drive.  The young Occupational therapist at the hospital filled out forms in front of him to remove his license, until he is recovered.  She could have been nicer about it, instead of making it into a "I'm on a power trip and I control your fate completely."

It was great to see both brothers and both sister in laws.  I love them all very much and it was like Christmas to see them.

Here, I've been dismantling an old computer I could not get going again, even though I tried very hard to do that, for scrap metal.  It's not that easy and is hard on my hands, makes my fingers go crooked until they de-inflame.  I can't afford to waste anything at all.  If I can get even a couple bucks out of this old thing, the metal parts and circuit boards in it, I will do that.  The circuit boards are worth more than the other metal because they have rare metals in them, like gold, for one, not much but enough to get you $.14 per lb instead of $.05 per lb like you get for other metal.  You get more for your scrap if all the plastic is broken out of it.

The mother board no longer worked, so it will be recycled.

I tried selling the power supply and fan, heat sink online for a few weeks, but I couldn't say if the power supply also was fried or not.  No takers, so now these parts too have been dismantled and I will take them to the recycler.  

Other than that, there is not much going on here.  Tomorrow's a good day to stay home, off the roads, due to the heavy drinking that goes on amongst Super Bowl fans.

My brothers both said they can't get into the being a fan thing.  I can't understand it either.  It's like a foreign culture.  I said "Is there something we're missing, weren't born with, like that?"  It might be genetic, the fan culture thing, something in a person's brain that makes that person likely to be a follower, a fan of some team or something, or not be.   I confessed to them I pretend so as not to seem like a freak, but I don't feel a thing, about tomorrow being the super bowl.  Not a damn thing.  I couldn't care less about it, in fact.

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