Monday, February 10, 2014

Blessings on Cougie, Rogue and Odd Cat Out

Today, ten days after Convenia antibiotic injections, Cougie and Rogue are up in the Portland area receiving dental care.  Good luck, my babies.
Cougie, who formerly roamed the grounds of an Albany business and lived almost exclusively on pigeons since the business people would not feed them.

Rogue, Cougies' cousin

Blessings on Odd Cat Out, footing the bill, when I could not.

You can still donate on Poppa Inc's website, but the funds go to Odd Cat Out and would help pay for Cougie and Rogue's dental care.  This is the link to the donation page.

I will soon be an affiliate, of Odd Cat Out, able to raise money here, to care for the cats here.  Odd Cat Out is the nonprofit that once was Poppa Inc.  They also ended up with cats without options, as I did when cat wrangling using Poppa Inc. funds to get cats fixed by the thousands.

I couldn't make it up there in the heavy snow then ice that hit this area.  Then my car starter started to fizzle.  And with the appointment long standing, I didn't want to give it up.

So the husband of a friend, on his way back to Portland from California, picked up the cats yesterday afternoon.

They will soon be at the vet and under anesthesia.  Fingers crossed for both lovely kitties.

Yesterday I cleared my entire driveway, street to garage door, of a foot of snow.  Sure, I could have waited for today's thaw, but most of it still would have been out there, slushy and yukky and difficult in my low riding car, to get through.

Besides, it was good exercise.

My car still starts so today I've got to get out and get food for myself and cat litter.  Oatmeal gets old.  But I did make some awesome soup out of nothing more than one sweet potato, lentils, onions and garlic. There's nothing like sitting down to a hot bowl of soup after shoveling snow for a couple of hours.

So long, snow and ice.  Was nice to know you.  Where you go next, that's your business.

We needed the moisture in drought stricken Oregon, so no complaints here.

Cat yard fence, now minus snow and ice.

Backyard still with snow, some of it from the driveway.

Driveway cleared of snow.  That was a lot of snow to shovel, including around the corner clear to the street.
We will end with cat photos.  And why not....
Sleepy Slinko

Happy Hawkeye

Madcap Mopsy

Willy Wonderful

Meesa Methinks

Dreamy Daisy

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