Friday, December 27, 2013

Want to see some Cats?

Javi, finally almost over her cold.

Arrow in the back, but don't ask me to name the grays!

This cat I know.  It's Vino!

Vino always looks like he is smiling.

I know him too--Storm!

Flopsy on the left, Da Vinci on the right.
My younger brother now is spreading the word about these guys and their need for a home, down in southern Oregon, which makes me very very happy.  And hopeful.Click here to go to the cats' facebook page!

In other news, Miss Daisy still has diarrhea.  I have started her on Ponzuril, for cocccidia, however, and I do expect results from this highly effective anti coccidial.  I have felt she had coccidia all along.

While over at Heartland Humane today, with a fresh stool sample, I began to lust after a microscope, as I watched Brittany prepare a slide.  I told them so. I was looking at the photos of worm spores and coccidia eggs, and the slides used for smears or floats when they suggested I look for a microscope at the OSU used store. They said sometimes they sell them there as cheap as $10.

This is a perfect new hobby for me, the geek girl, from way back, who loves this sort of thing.

Can't wait to try to find a used one I can afford, with magnification lenses preferably of 100x, 400x, and 1000x.   Just can't wait!  Was barely able to contain my excitement at the thought, driving home.

Buffy in a cat bed, rolling her eyes in disgust.  "Not again.  Gonna have to pee on that camera."

A Basket Too Small

Comet on White

Gretal Contemplates Life.  One Deep Thinker, is she.

Sweet Shaulin (yeah right)
Snack Time. The Grass Eaters.  I cut them grass from the dead neighbors lawn now.  It's getting nice and tall and he's dead and would not care.

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