Sunday, December 22, 2013

Slinko Comes Out

Slinko has come out in the last few days as tame.  All the time he's been here, since last February, when I trapped him along with 12 others at Albany Premier apartments.  Management evicted people who fed the strays.  Some of these tenants who fed the strays and claimed to love them had helped a previous manager trap them and dump them out near Home Depot.  But help get them all fixed?  Hell no.  Someone else has to do that and pay for it, by god.  It was lame, the whole thing.  I sat out there weeks in freezing temps trying to save them, after getting arm twisted by a city official over removing them.

Tenants only made the trapping harder. 

Anyhow, I ended up with three.  Odd Cat Out has six.  I found a Portland rescue willing to try to tame two older boy kittens and yet another Portland rescue took in two tame abandoned adults.  The expenses I endured helping this complex out were ridiculous.  I don't know why people around here don't believe in fair play.  Manipulation, exploitation and getting something out of someone any way you can, these apparently are the values.

Anyhow, Slinko is one of the three who remains here.  I thought he was feral and he's lived in the cat yard.  But when that bitter weather came on, dipping night temps to single digits and near zero, he came inside.  And within days, Slinko came out as a tame kitty.

I want him to have a home.  This would help me too, as I'm dealing with a lot of cats right now.

Maybe Slinko's trying to help, by showing off his tameness so he can get a real home.  I'm advertising him as best I can now.  When tame cats come here, I try to move them out to a shelter or rescue quickly, where they can be seen and get a home.

I'm officially closed, retired, and then I got suckered into helping with the Lebanon cats.  I actually believed the woman who assured me I would not end up with any of them, if I helped, and would not end up out money.  I feel very stupid getting suckered.  The cats needed saved, but that can't be one person doing everything and giving everything.  Well, it is very hard to find homes for the number of cats that were out at that property.  We thought the one barn home would take most of the ones left, and it may still, but that barn home too was affected by the abnormal cold that hit Oregon.  I'm trying to pick up the pieces now, so I can find them a place and move on.  Lesson learned (maybe this time it will stick).  Don't believe anybody.

We really don't have many options where I live.  There's one small private shelter that takes in very very few cats, and one nonprofit cat rescue up in Sweet Home that operates out of a couple of foster homes.   Both are always full.

Couple the lack of any cat shelters with the fact so many residents in this very poor county have drug and alcohol issues and that there are so many people who don't fix their cats already, and you have the recipe for difficulty finding homes for any cat.  I try to get them to another county, the farther away the better, so also other cats here stand a chance if they can only be adopted out in this county.

All I can do is try hard, to find each a home and Slinko's my boy now, up for a home and he wants one.  Spread the word!

Also, Miss Daisy's bloodwork all came back normal, including all values on her geriatric blood panel and her thyroid test.  So, sadly for my addicted old girl, no more Temptation cat treats, as they may be the problem.  Her stomach may be unable to handle whatever is in them that makes them more addictive than crack cocaine.  She will be going through withdrawals and no doubt there will be blood involved. My blood!!!

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