Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ice and Melting

Today, more ice on everything.  With melting to come, later in the day.  So I've heard.

The dead neighbors house is producing gorgeous ice sculptures still today.

The birch is beautifully and artistically iced this morning!

And the spiders are doomed, webs frozen, their food/prey already dead and dropped all over this frozen state.
A newscaster last night was lamenting the fact many good bug species will be dying in large numbers.  He then assured his audience that at least the ants and cockroaches would survive.  He could not help but add that cockroaches are capable of surviving a nuclear blast.  Lucky us.

With the deaths of many bugs, the bug eaters out there won't last either.  Birds and bug eating insects.  I wonder how the bats are doing.

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