Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Appeal to Best Friends

I don't know where these 17 colony cats will go.  The barn home that was to take a good share of them may still, sometime in the future, be prepared to do so.  I am not sure anymore.  In the meantime, I have made an appeal to Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. They are the premier Sanctuary in the US and well funded.  I am, well, nonfunded, let's put it.  I love these cats and want them to have great lives, but not here.  I can't do more cats.

So I sent Best Friends a heartfelt e-mail, asking if they could take any of them.  I have heard they have a feral sanctuary.  I know.   The moment a sanctuary opens, for cats, it is full.  I had to try.

I told them briefly the cats' story.  I told them I am worthy of help and why I feel I am worthy of their help.  I told them the cats are worthy and they are.  I told them if they would take even some of them, I would find a way to get them there.

That was bravado.  My car probably would never make it even to the eastern Oregon border and I'm broke anyway.  But I would find a way.  I would find a way!

I've advertised and advertised.  I've had a few responses.  One was someone who was just out of jail, and claimed to own 90 acres.  She didn't and never responded again anyhow. I always look people up when they contact me.   I found out about her being on parole when her name popped up in a search on a Marian County parole list.   But that's a moot point since she only contacted me once, which is common.  I have no clue why.   Hobby ad responders, I call them.  They respond to ads but have no intention of follow through.  I think its an addiction, since I get repeat offenders.

I was contacted by two others who never responded a second time.  I was contacted by a woman who responds to every single barn cat ad I've placed that I can recall but she is terrible with cats.

I was contacted by someone in southern Oregon who vowed they could live in a 2200 square foot basement.  This sounded awesome.  Too awesome.  A search of the address produced an arrest record for the woman's husband and son, for selling pot grown in that same basement.  But that was over 10 years ago, I reasoned, and many pot growers are pretty nice people, by and large.  So I held out hope, but she didn't call the next day like she promised and finally said maybe some other time, whatever that meant.  I was down in the dumps big time after that.  Those little unwanted kitties, getting 2200 square feet, just for them?  OMG.  It was a glorious dream, that they would finally have everything they could want and need.  And safety too!  I wanted it to be true so bad.  Alas.

I must add, that it's been a little over two months since I became involved in that awful situation, out near Lebanon, where sixty cats and kittens were about to be just left behind by the woman who sold her property and was moving.  I only became involved with 38 of the cats, after being asked to help.  The other woman removed the rest as kittens, five of whom, at least, died, mainly of dehydration, since there was no water a kitten could find available.  I trapped and hand grabbed the last four kittens, all of whom went to KATA, then trapped the 34 teens and adults.  Only 17 of all those cats still wait for somewhere to call home.

That's an amazing feat for people with no money.  In the process, I injured myself, pulled tendons or ligaments in my hip, rendering me incapacitated, without cursing that is, when I tried to move around.  Yet still it was done and just the 17 wait.  It is an astounding accomplishment.

I need to be patient.  These too will find a place.  However, I hope its soon and it would be too wonderful for words, best Christmas present ever, if Best Friends would take them. It'd be done with then, off my heart and out of my hands.  The relief would be huge!   I know I could find a way to get them there.

My beloved Miss Daisy has been ill.  She's eating and everything, but she's had off and on very liquid diarrhea, has lost weight and she's old, so I am terribly worried.  I am so scared she has digestive tract lymphoma or corona virus.  She is my dear little baby.   She is so difficult at the vets however.  She has to be put under to be examined she's so difficult.  You would never guess, she can be so super sweet and sleeps planted across my face. She is equally difficult to medicate or even nail trim.  She is a master at backward rolls, tightening the skin on her scruff and raising holy hell if you try.

I hope she doesn't have coccidia either, since one must medicate for almost a month once a day for that.   But the other cats would have it if she did.  She's not vomiting.  Fever?  Yeah right, just try getting a thermometer near her.  I tried worming her but am not sure I got it in.  She does not have a worm belly and it can't be roundworms because until a couple months ago, when I ran out, I used Revolution as flea treatment, since it also kills ear mites and roundworms.  What a product.  But its expensive.

Sick with worry, last night I stayed up reading about all the things that can cause watery diarrhea in cats.  General infection.  Worms.  Coccidia.  Giardia.  To name a few of the parasites.  Cancer and tumors of the bowel, usually lymphoma, a common cancer in cats.  Digestive lymphoma is unrelated to a Felk diagnosis.  She is negative.   Corona virus.  Inflammatory bowel disease.  Hyperthyroidism.  Kidney failure.  Systematic fungal infection.  Anal gland impaction or infection.  The list goes on.....

I love my Miss Daisy.  So she's off to the vet Saturday.   Oh boy.  My heart pounds with worry.....

My beloved. But the most difficult cat here to examine or medicate.

She's still eating and drinking and she doesn't have constant diarrhea, where its dripping or she can't control her bowels.    She is not hairball clogged.  Within an hour of eating some grass I brought in, it was out the other end.

Possible she's just got a bug, or reacting to some food she ate and I'm over reacting?  Yup.  It is possible.  And I hope that's exactly what it is.

I knew one day she'd get old.  I have dreaded the time she'd go downhill.  This can't be her end of days.  I'm not ready to lose my blessed friend Deaf Miss Daisy.

Look what these people do, taking in a dog just totally depressed, left behind, filthy, starved, with mange, unwanted, hopeless.  Like angels.

My Lebanon friends husband got fired earlier this week.   He's just over 60, some dispute, my friend said, or something, with a much younger manager or boss.  I'm not sure why he got fired.  It was a good job and he had worked there for a very long time.

I guess he's signed up for unemployment or maybe it was medical insurance for the time after you're fired, I don't really know.  What I wonder about, think about is my friend, and if she will still have insurance.  She was on his through work and relies on that.  Now what, I think, for her.  She's a few years from 60, far from medicare age.  They'll never be able to afford private policies I'm sure until she gets to be medicare age.  They also care for his 90 plus year old mother in their home.   Well, it's not my problem, I know, but they are my friends and I think about it and wonder if they'll be ok.

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