Monday, November 25, 2013

Ten Albany Cats to Portland Today

Last night was a bad kitten night.

I'm out of the game, but some people are still passing around my number.

Someone called claiming they had a mother cat with seven kittens, left behind by a previous roommate who claimed she was leaving for the weekend but really went off to Alaska.  Only later was I told they also had three teen boys from the litter before from same female.  I met them at Megafoods to give them flea treatment and wormer, because they begged.

At the same time, the appraiser woman who discovered the Lebanon Let Em Breed colony, was trying to call me about kittens being given away from a shopping cart in front of Safeway.  My phone was nearly out of minutes. My car was almost out of gas.

I went to Safeway after meeting the other people at Megafoods.  C had been called back, in the meantime, by the same KATA foster woman who has the 12 from the Lebanon situation and told C she would take the four, to get them from the woman.  C had them, by the time I got there, but they were loose in her car, under her car seat, behind it, and she was so tired out and it was her birthday.

The woman giving them away also has three other unfixed cats including a very pregnant one.  Shit.

What is wrong with people?

I took the four orange and orange/white teens from C.  I had her get them one by one, from where they were hiding in her car, and hand them to me through the window of her car.  I had a broken down carrier in my car, by chance, and had quickly put it together.   I took them out to the KATA fosterer, near Corvallis, while C went on home.

But she stopped by the barn home where her beloved Ace is, from the Lebanon colony, along with three buff brothers.  He'd been attacked by something.  She took him home with her and says he's never going anywhere else now.  He's with her.  Ace is tame and had wandered into the colony half a year or more ago and never left.   I wish the buff boys could be out of that barn home, too.  It's a no good placement.

I got online once home and found a Portland rescue willing to take on Molly and her seven kittens.  And once I found out they had three more, from her first litter of last summer, the Portland rescue were willing to take them also.

Molly and her kittens, seven of them, four buff orange and three gray tabby.

Blue Boy teen number one.

Blue Boy teen two, Molly's kitten also, born early last summer.

Today I picked them up.  I wasn't allowed in the house.  The woman said her place is full of trash.  She didn't seem embarrassed to say it.  She could only get two of the teens into carriers.  The third broke out while she was putting him into one of my carriers, and then ran off and hid in the trash somewhere she said and he was so scared he peed himself.  He didn't make the trip.  Darn it, for his sake.

But off I went with Molly and her most recent seven kittens and two teens from another litter of hers.  Finally, I told her, this will end for you.  You're getting spayed girl.  Cause for celebration.

She's so thin from doing this over and over.  She has no choice in the matter.

Ten cats and kittens out of this county is a miracle.  Thanks a bundle to that Portland rescue.  This is HUGE for those cats and all the hordes of others still here, who have little chance.  There are too many.  This county is over run in assholes who don't fix their pets.\

Thanks to KATA who operate on a wing and a prayer but still took in those four orange teens from the shopping cart.  All hail the kind hearted!

But today ten got the hell out of here.  Good for them, man.  Hallelujah for them!

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