Friday, November 15, 2013

One Cat to Go

Patches, the calico, was fixed yesterday at Willamette Humane.  Today Javi was spayed, the little black female I drop trapped a few days ago, along with another young gray, who will be fixed Monday.

There remains one lone cat at the colony. A fuzzy gray.  I know I've said that before, that there was only one cat left, but this time I mean it! 

Still searching for that one elusive barn home out there, somewhere, the gloriously wonderful caring barn home people that will take and house six fixed related wonderful kitties from the colony and love them like their own.  I like to believe those kinds of people exist even though they are believed mythical and for sure are an endangered species.

 Mango, one of the five who escaped the garage room in Lacomb, was startled wandering into the woman's garage today.  Like she owned it.  And maybe she does.  Now.  The woman was super stoked over seeing her.  She knew they were still there, as she would find their fur and they were eating the food.  Now they really truly actually are there because a human being has seen them.  That makes it so legit, the only legit known, you know.  The human sighting.  If a human does not see it or say it or think it or believe it, it isn't so.  You know.

I stopped listening out at the colony.  I had to, for my own health.  I did not want to gouge out my ears.  But....

 There was this story then that story then this story again with variations and the stories conflicted but the story teller did not seem to notice.  I did.  So I allowed my mind to drift far far away, as the words became nothing more than a distant buzz, something like the buzz of a chainsaw outside a bedroom window.  Or a leaf blower close up and personal.

It's clear why the cats were never fixed.  Clear as the mud thick in that mind.

So ok, one more cat to catch and one more barn home to be found.  Then it's off to my favorite vacation destination---la la land.

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