Friday, October 11, 2013

Very hairy Hairy!

He's still got that bubble soft white thing down in his left ear.  I don't know what it is.  It still bleeds now and then too.  Seven days on his ear meds without a change in it.

I tried to take photo of it this morning.  That is not an easy thing.  You try it if you think it is.

I hold open his ear with one hand and try to focus the camera and hold it steady and take a photo with the other.

So they didn't come out well, all blurry and wrong.

I tried.

Here's what they look like, with arrows added pointed at what I now call "the thing" in his left ear.  Vet clinic says its nothing to be concerned about, normal tissue, just inflamed.  Boy am I skeptical but only because I've never ever seen anything like it in a cats' ear before.  Oh well.

It's way down in there, but if I pull the ear a certain way or push on the lower ear, from the outside, it pushes it up further, so its more visible.  It is soft and squishy like a balloon and white.

I have no clue what it is.  I took him in because he was in discomfort, shaking and rattling his ears and after I saw "THE THING" down in the one ear.  Someone said maybe it is a polyp.  But $200 later and after a week on the meds given me to put in his ears daily, there's no change in it, and "the thing" is still there and still bleeding at times into his ear.

Suggestions out there, from Catlandia dwellers?

I do not like to know about horrible situations like the one out near Lebanon off Highway 20.  It makes me crazy.  The woman who ran into the horrors there, as part of her job, in the foreclosure on that home, is desperate for those cats and trying to save them, and now frustrated there is no help around here, for any part of it.  There are probably 80 cats out there, half of them kittens, 14 saved by her now, but time is almost up for the rest, and they are going to be killed horribly by the people taking over the property once the woman who caused this horror is out.   There's just no way to help them.  I wish I didn't know.   Would be easier on me not to ever have known.

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