Thursday, October 03, 2013

The End? (of this blog)

Times are hard here.  I have lots of cats to feed and take care of and am trying to keep my car running.  It's got so many miles on it. I love my car and the freedom it grants.  It also grants me the ability to get what I need.  I live several miles from the nearest grocery store and even more miles from the places where I get cat litter and cat food.  I have to try to keep it running, despite its mileage.  Gas is so expensive now, most days I don't drive it anymore.  But its there, when I need it, to get groceries and cat litter and take a cat to the vet.

I wish vet visits were more affordable.

Hairy went to the vet today and I nearly fainted when I got the bill.  It was twice the amount I'd been quoted (I think) when I made the appointment.  I really did nearly faint.  No ear polyp either they said, just a yeast infection and inflammation from that.

So I had to make the hard decision to end my comcast internet. I'm giving myself the weekend with it, but Monday I make that call. I can't afford it.  That means I won't be able to post here very often, if ever again.  If any of my followers want my phone number, let me know, in the comments, with your e-mail, or a way to contact you, as it will be the only way to reliably contact me after the weekend.

A deputy called me yesterday.  I was trying to nap.  I was supposed to transport cats to the Salem spay neuter clinic for KATA but I got the date mixed up.  I got up faithfully at 5:30 a.m. and went over to Lebanon to pick them up only to find out I'd written down the wrong day.  It was today I was to transport and I did, took up seven girls to be fixed.

When a deputy calls, I wake up, even from a dead sleep.  Something about those flat emotion stern sounding deputy voices penetrate sleep.   So I called him back, mind racing, trying to think of what I'd done wrong that I couldn't even remember doing.

Well, he had me on a list of cat solution contacts, he said.  But then he admitted KATA gave him my number.  Someone in Lebanon had called him about a stray mom with kittens, left behind by a neighbor and another neighbor about to dump them in the country.   He asked if I'd help those cats.  I said I would and told him to have the people call.

Well, fortunately, it turns out they were all tame.  She'd put the mom and two of the kittens in a garbage can in her garden shed, with a child gate atop the garbage can, to keep them safe from her cat killing pitbulls and other cat killing neighbor dogs.

She caught the third kitten before I arrived to pick them up.  This morning, she had the fourth.  They are so adorable.  And you would not believe they are all five, including mom, orange tabby.

They are with KATA now and already all fixed, even the one I picked up at noon.  I took him straight to Heartland where the others were being fixed through KATA,  and it is KATA who will adopt them out.  That's mom on the far left there.

I also took seven other females to Salem to be fixed for KATA, then picked them up this evening.  They pay for my gas when I do that.  Otherwise I could not do it.  I like helping them with that.

It's all I have anymore, the only time I really get out.  It is not often.  I think I've done it three times.

I took Hairy in too, to have his ears checked out under anesthesia.  I understand the charges, but did think I was told the ultimate price would be half what it turned out to be, the amount of which, in my tired state, nearly made me drop, aghast, shocked, and worried.  I probably did not hear the amount quoted originally correctly.  I don't know, but I had it in my head it would be one price, and when they said the price, which was double what I thought, the blood drained from my brain and I went staring deer blank and nearly dropped.

He's recovering in my bathroom and will have to remain there six more days for ear drops each day.  No big deal. He usually stays out in the garage room and cat yard, and he likes it in the nice warm bathroom.

I want to take good care of the cats here very badly, including vet visits when they need it, but my gosh, I'd need deep pockets and mine are full of holes and empty most of the time.

I've got to get busy picking up cans.  That I can do.

So the one luxury in my budget is internet and it will go Monday.  It's just one of those things.  I will miss it and all of you, who have read this blog, although I'm not sure there are many of you, maybe ten or twelve?

I'll post again before the end of web connection, when the cat woman moves back to times long ago, when there was no web and no computers.  I didn't have a computer until 2003 or 2004, or know how to use one until then.  Someone took me to the library and taught me the basics in five minutes.

I accessed internet at the library for awhile.  You got a code at the desk, for log in, then waited in a line.  Sometimes it was a long wait and sometimes shorter.  Mostly it was homeless people waiting or other very poor people.  Then you got 15 minutes to use the computer.  Later on, I got dial up at the shack where I lived.  But it didn't work well, and rarely worked in winter.  It was explained to me that old underground phone lines, contract and expand with weather, and that is what slows the speed.  So dial up was more of a frustration than useful in that location. 

When I moved here, my brother paid for broadband internet and basic cable through comcast until he lost his job.  That was quite the extreme gift I would say.  Since first of the summer I've had no TV, except for a couple channels I can pick up when the weather is right, on antenna, and I paid for internet with a deal I found on comcast, but it's too expensive.

I lived without before, so I will adjust.  No doubt.

 I will miss being web connected. 

No doubt about it.

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