Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Oregon October Winter Projects

As I mentioned before, fall was a no show in Oregon this year.  Weather switched straight and suddenly from summer to winter.  It was low 40's this morning, for example.  Not normal.  Where do I file a complaint?

Oregon ski resorts are often lucky to open by Thanksgiving.  That's a good year.  This week, a southern Washington state ski resort opened for the day with 20 inches of new snow. See what I'm saying?

Hikers are lost hiking in the Cascades on trails now smothered in snow.

Will they be found?  Maybe, when the snow melts.  That's pessimistic to say.  Every fall mushroom hunters and hunters go missing in Oregon and everyone waits hoping for happy ending stories.  Because we need happy endings  here, especially when the sky turns gray and soggy so early.

I stay out of the Oregon woods during hunting season.  Nowadays, seems like hunters shoot people every year, seems some don't wait to get a real sight in on their target and shoot at things that move, that turn out to be innocent human beings.  Too many hunters I know are drunks and go out to "hunt" with cases and cases of beer.   Beer and guns don't mix well, I don't think.  So, a word to the wise, stay out of the woods during hunting season.  Many animals learned that a long time ago and wait it out in backyards.

It's a big ritual for many people, mostly men, to go out hunting.   Most people still eat meat.  I don't very often anymore.  I was a vegetarian throughout most of my teen years and have lived as a vegetarian most of my life.  Eating meat is like eating a corpse.  Putting corpse heads on one's wall as a trophy is too bizarre for me to understand.  Trophy hunting is ridiculous and small penis behavior.

Here's a vision, courtesy of my active imagination.  I get this vision, when I walk in on a group or family about to dive into a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.  I get a moment where I see a pack of wolves circling their kill, drooling and growling and snarling over the best morsels.   Humans have just dressed up that scene a bit, for the sake of our huge egos and beliefs that we are apart and above the animals.  Hello.  We are animals too.  You can wear high heels, make up, nylons, a suit and tie, but underneath, gathered around a corpse, well, picture it if you dare.

However, when I am starved, I eat what I can find.  I'd be one of those remote plane crash survivors who survived by eating the dead.  I don't think I'd have a problem with it.  When you're dead you're dead, and if my friends were starving while I lay there dead in the snow, I'd think they were stupid not to eat me. If a dead person could think, that is.  They'd be sitting around a fire, roasting parts of me, thanking their lucky stars I wasn't some skinny model type. And if I as a dead person could think or smile, I'd be one happy dead person, and probably laughing. Before you say this is an inappropriate diversion, let me say, Hey, Halloween is upcoming, so shut up.

Hunting is a throw back to primordial times and as a means of procuring meat, is far more humane than eating meat from awful factory farms.  So I will just say to hunters,  please don't shoot people out hiking or picking mushrooms, or looking for a lost cat, or stepping off to take a private whiz in the woods quickly.  That would be nice.

In the meantime, while I wait, stupidly hoping for a miracle summer resurrect, on the weather front, I continue on projects.

I used the last fake shutter, from the windows, to create a front for the bizarre cat structure in the cat yard, to block wind and rain, from the entrances of two storage container straw filled cat houses within it.

Unclaimed after the dead neighbors' garage sale, were some cement stepping stones and blocks, which I carted over and placed in my yard.  The cats don't like getting wet feet "wading" in the soggy yard winters here.

The dead neighbors yukky back patio table was offered to me, to sell the stand for metal, which I will likely do later.  I took off the table top, made of plywood covered in Formica, and decided for now to add one of the plastic spool ends, to the stand, because the cats like to lay atop such things in spots of sun, if any warm sun spots are ever to be found in Oregon again before next June.  The plastic spools, unlike wood, don't rot out in Oregon rain.

And as for that plastic spool cat tree I was making, it's coming along.  I had not had time to work on it lately.

I have two levels of it together, and almost ready for carpet and addition of the top level.  Takes lots of time for glue or paint to dry now in my freezing garage with all the moisture in the air in there, from the car going in and out and no heat.

 And as for the dead neighbors' old outside patio table top itself, well, doesn't it look like a future cat wheel?  Does to me.

 I tried to clean off the white Formica top but not even Clorox was much help.  The Formica has come unglued along edges now, from the plywood beneath, so I'll likely just strip that whole top sheet off and just use the plywood only.  The table top needs to dry out a month before I can even try to add a circular Masonite tread rim, a stand and a wheel mount on which it will spin so it can become its destiny--a magnificent spinning cat wheel.

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