Tuesday, October 08, 2013


I'm sick.  I caught a cold.  It hit me hard and fast and slurpy.

Now I sound like old Electra, who has had a cold for a week, which makes her gurgling when she breathes nights.  And sometimes, when she's sleeping beside me, for my warmth, she sneezes into my face.  I wonder if that's where I got my cold.

I worked a bit more on the discarded plastic spool cat tree.  Here's how far I am now.

Those bungees I use in place of strap clamps, to keep the carpet in place while glue dries.
To keep the carpet from being pulled off by scratching cats, I'll have to use decorative straps for good, I think.  I don't have a staple gun and doubt staples would penetrate that hard plastic anyhow.  I might secure it also with a few screws.

Sunday, my Silverton cat lady friend came down with her rescue dog, Janie.  We like to go over to Willamette Park, in Corvallis, but since she got here late, we didn't walk far on that lovely dog friendly trail along the river that runs between Willamette Park and Crystal Lake Boat Ramp.

Her husband was home glued to the TV and football games.

There's Viv, with rescue dog Janie.

I love trees.  I find them fascinating and full of character.  I call this photo Barter.  I think the two trees are bartering over something.  Certainly they are having conversation, whatever that means, with trees.


Fern Climb

Plumber Tree (get why?)

Hairy is still in my bathroom, has a couple more days of ear meds to go, but I'm not sure he will want to return to his usual haunt, the garage cat room and cat yard, now that he knows it's nice and warm in the house.  This is him not long after he returned from the vet.
He was sleepy, but you can kind of see how I'd clipped his hair.  If I'd not clipped his hair, it would be ucky down his back and even on the top of his head.
I'm so happy I didn't cut off my internet yet.  Thank you Joanie!   I love posting stories but especially photos here.  Makes me happy.

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