Monday, September 16, 2013

Scored! A Home for Dano and Sunny

I think I've got a great home for Dano and Sunny, up in Portland, thanks to a friend up there, who spread the word.  (Thank you Glenda).

There's a catch.  Since they're senior boys, the new home wants them first to be FIV/Felk tested and have basic blood work.  You know how that goes, taint cheap to get that done.

I'm going forward doing it, because I have no other option for these boys and can't take on two more myself.    I may be set back awhile financially, but I have no choice, I can't keep two more cats.  It's the way it is, so I'm revved over even finding them this option, despite the costs.  It is a great home.

The words of the OHS director in pushing that anti rescue bill through, this summer, really kind of get to me at times like these.  The part where she said  they have a chance to regulate these rescues and should do it because many are just in it for the profit, something to that effect...  Really makes me see red to think about that.

Not all of us are, lady.  What's a person to do, when a neighbor dies and his cats are locked out of their home and nobody steps up to help them?  What is a person to do? Look away?   There are no services for cats in the county were I live.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.

So tomorrow they go in to my own vet.  I called the old man's Albany vet, hoping to get a price break since he was their client, but that went nowhere.  No breaks for me for helping out the dead neighbors cats.

I don't want to lose this home and will go forward as quickly as I can, to make this happen.

Another mass shooting I see on the news.  I don't know what to think anymore.  Why are people so angry that they will kill people they don't even know, to take out their rage.   These mass shootings are so commonplace now in America, sad to say, we here have become used to them, almost expect them.  America is very violent and in many ways, violence is worshiped here.  As it is in many places.  Violent movies.  Violent video games.  Shallow selfish values.

 Guns are very easy to come by.  Pair that with so many angry people, you're going to have these shootings.  Guess the shooter was a civilian employee there, from Texas, so maybe it was a workplace firing or revenge thing.  Who knows.  People use all sorts of excuses to kill other people when very basically they just want to kill people and vent their rage.  Revenge is pretty common.  Religion is probably the most common reason people kill in mass, strangely.

Who knows.  I sure don't.

I am very happy right now I have food to eat,  a roof to keep out the rain, my cats who love me, and.....a home lined up for Dano and Sunny!


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