Saturday, September 14, 2013

Goodbye Summer

It was this summer I was going to try to get out into Oregon's beautiful wilderness areas, do some camping and hiking.

In the end, I've done nothing, except for that one ill fated expensive camp trip.  It was nice to go that weekend, but it wasn't that fun, outside of rowing my raft around Blue Lake.

If you want to know why, I'll give one hint:  why do alcoholics go camping?  They just move their drinking to someplace else, a public space, that affects other people who have not gone camping just to drink outdoors or hear drunk people.

I have gone up to the reservoir five times to row and swim.  Those were fun days!

I just don't have any money to do anything or drive anywhere or pay anyone to take care of the cats here.  So I am limited.  I wish I was not, but its just the way it is.

Most Oregon campgrounds cost anywhere from $12 to $20 a night.  Add in gas to get there and paying someone to take care of my cats, and even two nights become a very expensive trip.

The comcast deal through the telemarketing group TLK did not come through.  Remember that guy, who was apparently telemarketing from the toilet (I heard a toilet flush in the background)?  He apparently never recorded the order after failing to transfer to the person he said would take the order and seal the deal.  The deal would have given me six months of higher speed internet and 50 cable channels, including HBO and streampix for about what I pay now for internet only.  I was drooling over the thought of having some TV.  My antenna reception has really gone downhill, so now I am lucky to get two channels, PBS and FOX, out of Portland.

I was disappointed the guy never registered the order.  So much so I contacted comcast, who said indeed nothing new had been added to my account.  They had no such good deal, said it must have been a TLK deal.  My current internet only deal has two and a half months left on it, then the price jumps severely and I'll have to stop it. 

Looking at complaints about TLK online, however, maybe I am lucky, because there are lots of complaints TLK promises one price, but when the bill comes through, from comcast, its a much higher price.  So maybe the telemarketers lie to get themselves account sign up bonuses.  You never know these days, since the victims have no recording of the promises made on a call.  Maybe he never placed the order because he felt bad that he was lying about the price of the deal and couldn't do it.  I'd be terrible at telemarketing, trying to push deals onto people who probably cannot afford them.  I could not do it.

Everyone communicates through internet now.  Without it, I'd be in the stone age trying to live in modern America.  Communicating clumsily with sign language while others text, message, tweet and e-mail.

So I hope I can find a deal somewhere.  I've got a little over two months to find one.  I e-mailed TLK, in hopes I could still get that deal, although they won't know who called me or even from where.

I've had no luck finding Dano and Sunny homes.  This too has me down in the dumps.  I did get one ad response, but it was pscyho or preteen with issues, pretending interest.  Classic Linn County.

Today it was supposed to be 90 degrees here, the last great day of summer weather, with tomorrow's temps dipping by 20 degrees.  Instead its fogged over, and dripping.  I feel better about that, because I knew I should have figured out something to do, on the last day of rugged heat forecast, instead of doing nothing as I've done all summer, except putter around here, clean litterboxes and do projects that really are meaningless.

It might be like facing death to stand at the brink of another Oregon winter.  I get panicked and wish I'd done more with my life in the summer.

The low clouds and fog, today, so far at least, let me forgive myself for not taking advantage of summer once again.

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