Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dano and Sunny, What Do I Do With Them?

I brought Dano and Sunny into my bathroom, under pressure from neighbors who don't want them free roaming.  One neighbor says she's spraying the backyard of the dead neighbor's place and they need out of there or they'll be walking and sleeping on that toxic shit.

They are older and nobody wants older cats.  People want kittens.  And this kitten season has been the kitten season from hell, despite all  the money and effort that has been poured into trying to get people to fix their pets. Their plight exhibits one reason clearly why its important--the adult cats who need homes don't get them when shelters are maxed out with kittens.

I'm bummed over this dilemma.  I cannot take on two more cats.

I have nowhere they can be seen.  Might help. Dano is super friendly and sweet.  Sunny is coming out of his shell. I am trying not to panic over it.

By the end of September the bank will own that house next door again.  I could let them out then, but that's no life for older boys. Better than being dead though.

 This block is not cat friendly. Kind of like a cemetery in a way with so many empty houses.  I'm lonely here.  I want to move, not only because of lonliness, but also because of boredom now that my job has ended, and the allergies from the surrounding grass seed industry.  Boy, I never in my life realized how much misery all the dust and seed chaff and everything in the air would cause me here.  It's better today, after the rain.  I think this summer was far worse than usual because of the heat and very little rain.

But do I want to live somewhere that causes me such misery several months of the year, from bad air?  No, but I really can't figure a way out.

What gets to me is particulate matter in the air and so if you have allergies, you probably should not live in the mid valley region due to the grass seed industry.  The couple who got me started trapping by buying me my first trap had to move out of Oregon, to escape the allergens in the valley.  I tolerated it ok all those years in Corvallis. I'd have some issues all summer, with congestion and stuff running down my throat but since moving here, surrounded by the industry, even my eyes burn and run and itch badly.  It's far worse living here where I do now.  I never imagined it could be so bad.

I can't even drive between Albany and Lebanon sometimes its so bad, with clouds of dirt you can't see through from tractors along the highway. My eyes feel like there is sand in them, get red, run and my nose and sinuses seem to shut off.  It's one reason the now dead neighbor got breathing problems, from driving those tractors and wearing no breathing protection.  To see all the bare dirt fields now that stretch forever I wonder sometimes if we'll end with a dust bowl here.  Price we all, as residents here, pay, for farmers here growing lawn and sportsfield grass seed.

There are downsides to living anywhere.  Oregon is beautiful.  I just wish I could see it through my red swollen eyes spring and summer. Not much I can do about it.  Take my chlortrimeton! I've thought a nose filter that fits across the front of my nose, attached to sun glasses might be very helpful!

Today I am happy the rain cleared a lot of the junk from the air.

As for Dano and Sunny, man alive, I wish I could find somewhere for them.  My heart is broken for them.  I will keep trying and keep trying to think up ways to let people know they exist and their need.  A lot of it is marketing them and timing, running into the right person at the right time.  I don't have money, to use for marketing, ads, all that, but I'm creative and will work on ways to get their need known and out there, to the person who might want them.

I think it would more likely be an older person, who might adopt them, mature enough to understand the benefits of adopting adult cats.  Or a disabled person, with a kind heart.  Younger people usually want kittens I think.

 I'm not going to give up.  I've not been any good at adopting out cats for some time.  Market is saturated, with free kitten and cat ads everywhere, and full shelters and rescues.

You'd think the dumbshits who still don't fix their pets would show some humanity and get them fixed, show some social responsibility.   Oops, am I swearing?  Wow.   I never swear.  (yeah right)

I'm even going to see if any shelters or rescues out of state even might have room for the boys, if they are no kill.

I have to slip into the overloaded cats need homes market somehow, to get Dano and Sunny a place to call home.

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