Monday, August 05, 2013

Gone Baby Gone

Little Black, from Millersburg, is now up in Portland.  Thank you Odd  Cat Out, for taking her in, along with the Siamese boy, Marso, from the same location.

I felt bad for her, sending her up, since she's so tame, but finding a home for a black two year old female this time of year---not probable.  So for now, she can hang out safely at the sanctuary.

I met the woman picking her up between Salem and Portland.  I hope those people donate to her, for taking at least two of those cats.

And hopefully at some point, she can get a house cat home, once her eyes are completely well that is.

Yesterday, my Corgi loving friend came down from Silverton with her latest Corgi, Janie Angel.  My friend is also a cat lady and proud of it.  She and two friends had a small rescue for years, but closed it when one of the friends no longer wanted the cattery in her backyard.

They helped a lot of cats through that ramshackle cattery, craigslist and willing hearts.

We took Janie on a walk beside the Willamette in Corvallis, which brought back many memories and created nostalgia in my mind.  It made me wish again I could move back to Corvallis, where I lived for most of my life.

There were more floaters on the river than I had ever seen before in my life.  Probably most arriving students.  There were rafts, tubes, air mattresses, canoes, boats and even stand up paddleboards.

And lots of dogs, for Janie to socialize with.  Lots and lots of dogs.

I wish my friend lived closer so we could have fun like that more often.  She works such long hours with an hours commute each way to work and back.

Janie Angel, a rescue Corgi mix.  I think she was found as a puppy abandoned in a barn.

It's hot today here again.  But cooler than it has been last month.

Panda, out going nuts over a cat toy, in the bone dry cat yard.

Alexi is such a beautiful girl.
Echo, one of the Quirky Sisters, is still quirky.
Slurpy, on the right, ever the peace maker, averts her eyes to avoid trouble with Oci, who is in a mood!
Buffy, looking regal as usual.
She should have been queen of somewhere or something!

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