Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camping, Part Two. Delta Campground Nature Trail

Becky Turns Tree Hugger

I went camping this last weekend up on the McKenzie River, near Blue River.  My friends stayed in Delta Campground space 9, in their trailer while I tent camped it on the other side of the campground.

The campground is in an old growth forest.  The second day, while Becky and I were returning from a walk around a nature trail, a sudden boom and loud pops and cracks startled every camper.  Most went running towards the sound, to see if anyone had been hurt.  A tree branch had cracked, split and fallen from the top of a giant tree.  Fortunately no one was hit by the large branch.

It was this tree, in the middle of the campground, whose top suddenly split and crashed to the ground.
The Delta Campground short nature trail, maybe a half mile long, is a trail through a cathedral of giant trees.  I felt I was walking sacred ground.

Beautiful Forest!

One of three bridges on the trail.

Fallen giant.


Enchanted woods
Logs in the Stream
To Infinity and Beyond!
Use of Space

Interesting trunk

I became aware as I walked at the feet of these giants, of a feeling building inside me, that these trees were alive, like we are alive, another species, communicating and living slowly, in another way.  
I wanted to tiptoe then and whisper.   

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