Saturday, August 24, 2013

Albany Arts and Air. What Goes Up Must Come Down

Balloon lands in Albany front yard.

I drove out to the Albany Arts and Air balloon launch this morning.  I was late and it was crowded but I saw the balloons struggling to get into the air, watched one come down almost immediately behind everyone, on an airport runway.  Others hovered just over and behind Walmart, as I went in, to scrounge for marked down meat, for cat food.

But on the way home, I drove down Kennel Drive to Grand Prairie, trying to avoid traffic.  Many of the balloons were already landing in bare fields off Grand Prairie.

Field landings off Grand Prairie
Uh oh, monster balloon dead ahead!

Albany backyard balloon decor!
Colorful Balloon hides unsuccessfully behind trees.
Another one bites the dust
Coming down, like it or not!

Awkward landings this year by far beat out the take offs!
Today, in Albany, I bought a hunk of marked down meat at Walmart which I am now cooking and later will make into cat food.  I also chased hot air balloons as they came down all over town, some in still snoozing residents front yards.

 I watched a pitbull  race around a fenced yard in a frenzy wanting to get at a balloon coming down behind his house. He didn't know what that was, but he was ready, more than ready, to defend what was his against this blob from the sky.  He was born for this day and he knew it.  Today he would do more than poop against the fence and bark at bicyclists.  TODAY, finally!  Today he would slay the dragon blob and be knighted!

Sadly, his owner came out and clipped a leash to his collar and led him, drooping now, inside.

 It was a good morning in Albany.

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