Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let the Water Boarding Begin!

Oregon rescuers are a scary lot. You better believe it.

In fact, we are so scary, we now have the distinction of being the very first group of people in the United States to have our 4th amendment rights under the constitution removed.  Hell yes!  That's how truly frightening we are!  Bwah ha ha!.

I haven't looked in a mirror recently.  Maybe I should be doing more with my hair.

I really was not aware my rescue friends are scary people.  They seem like such nice people on the outside.   There must be like terrible stuff in their basements.  Banned books or something.

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd see something like this happen!   Kitten rescuers so feared they are denied 4th amendment protections!

It's outrageously hysterical.  If it weren't real life here in Oregon.

Quirky?  Yes thank you Oregon is strange.  

Come visit, but don't bring your pets.  You'll be eyed suspiciously if you do.  Maybe interrogated too, but water boarding isn't that bad.  Your pets could be confiscated and killed for their own good.

Watch out for thieves if you do visit.  Our detention centers will soon be full of puppy lovers.  Kitten people, I'll defend, but those puppy lovers, they terrify me.

The new face of terror----

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