Thursday, April 04, 2013

Return to Slurpys' Clan

Chirpy Slurpy, my big loving humble torti here, who loves Starry, Electra and Miss Daisy, was not always so happy.  It has been almost three years since I pulled her out of the headlight compartment of an old dead car just outside of Lebanon.

It was a stressful time for me.  When I was called by the daughter of the property owner, who had just moved up there, I didn't know the problem was as big as it was.  Her dad had been feeding strays for a long time.  And raccoons.

The kittens, I think about 22 of them in all, were sick and many had ringworm.  I found them everywhere, in boxes up along the woods, under pallets out in the field and in hard to get at places inside old cars.  They'd come at me hissing and spitting defiantly in their fear.  Others purred their heads off from the start.

I also trapped maybe 18 adults and returned them.  I didn't catch them all. I knew I hadn't but I became exhausted, trying to save all those kittens and find anyone willing to foster sick kittens or sick kittens with ringworm.  Not easy.

In the end, I begged my friend---Poppa's president, for help.  She invited me to come up, with kittens.  I think I carted 12 up to her.  She had invited friends to dinner and passed them out to those present to foster. She took on most, as she always does.

Heartland took in seven also.  But later, they asked me to take back three of those seven, who had again become sick.  Slurpy was one of those three.  In the end, I got the three over their colds again, and returned one to Heartland.  I adopted out the other torti, but Slurpy broke out in ringworm then.  She's still here.

And I returned to Slurpy's Clan two weeks ago, to trap more.  I trapped 8 who were fixed at the FCCO, three big boys and five little girls.  I saw at least four more.  I went up yesterday hoping to trap all four, but they were still spooked out from the previous trapping and I only caught two---the second brown tabby teen and the Chocolate Point Siamese male, whose sister was fixed a couple weeks back.

I saw old friends--cats I got fixed three years back.  Some fixed then are now missing, but most are still there.

I took this photo May 24, 2010, when this Lynx Point female, lactating, was fixed.  I stole her kittens, then about six weeks old, and living under a pallet in a field.

I took this photo of her yesterday.
I took this photo yesterday.  Four of these cats are fixed while one, the short hair brown tabby with back to me, in photo, is not.  On the far left, you see the head only of a black and white female, fixed three years ago this May.  Then there's the orange and white male, also shown in photo below, fixed three years ago.  Next is a Lynx Point female, fixed three years ago, and to the right of the unfixed tabby male, is a Flame Point female, also fixed three years ago.  Her profile is just like Slurpy's elfin face upturned nose profile!

Orange and white male, quite sick when fixed three years back, now looking much better.  Surprised he survived.

Taken three years ago, this picture is of a young female, who had three tiny kittens, whom she abandoned.  When found, they were near death from dehydration.  I think only one survived.

One of the black and white girls three kittens.  This little girl did not make it.  At least one of her two brothers, one shown in photo above her photo and the other one below, didn't make it either. You can see the ringworm on the boys photos.
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This is the black and white female now, three years later.
This Flame point female was fixed in May of 2010 also, and that's when this photo was taken.

This photo was also taken three years ago.

But this is her yesterday, with a Lynx point fixed male.  She has Slurpy's face!
This is one of the two I still haven't caught.  She's a girl, a torti lynx point Siamese.

And this male, the brown tabby tux, needs caught and fixed still.
Sultan here, a big Chocolate Point male, is getting fixed today.

As is Brownie, the little long hair brown tabby teen.

Some moments from first time around.....

Big boy face off! (both got fixed)

The property owners' daughter had given one kitten away, before I arrived on scene.  I later ran into her and got her fixed.  She'd been adopted by the girlfriend of a Circle K clerk, who, when she dumped her boyfriend, dumped the cat with him.  He was having housing issues, still is, and lost her at one point, but she knew where he worked and found him there.

Slurpy in June 2010.

Slurpy as a Kitten!
Slurpy, from the Clan of the Raccoon, is doing OK here in her new clan.

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