Monday, April 22, 2013

Mangled Face Lover Boy Mango Now at Heartland

Mango, the long hair orange stray, I ran into in the parking lot of the Shell station on Highway 34, late last Tuesday night, is now at Heartland.

I got him fixed the very next day, after trapping the poor boy, who was running aimlessly amongst moving cars, in that parking lot.  He was in imminent danger and I can't watch that.

So he got fixed at the FCCO, although his bizarre face wounds, there, were considered, "on the mend".

I had him in a cage in my garage until yesterday.  He wanted out and more attention.  The boy is a love machine and his fur, although matted, is so soft!

Once in my bathroom, he would not leave me alone.  I could see his wounds more closely.  He has some large mostly open wounds.  Above the uppermost wound, is a strangely shaped soft protrusion, likely a
 ballooning abscess. Below it, is another soft bubble, likely of infection.

I don't have the money to take him to the vet.  So I started begging, like usual.  Heartland agreed to take him.  Thank you Heartland.  He tested negative over there, for FIV/Felk.  Whew on that!

He'll likely have to have those abscesses lanced and a shave job since his gorgeous locks are so matted.

He bolted, scared, panicked, from the carrier when I first tried to get him out, but he calmed down.   Poor kitty.  He didn't know what was to happen to him, if he was going to be killed or what.  I enjoined a familiar roll immediately--that of cat apologist, pointing out his good traits, his beautiful soft fur, stating he was only scared, that he is really super wonderful and nice.  I am a cat apologist.  For certain.

Shame on whomever dumped him in the first place.  Damn local loser!!!

So if you are over in Corvallis, go visit Mango.  He'll want the attention.  He is a boy who loves his food, too!  Oh yeah.

And remember Scottie, the other orange boy, him a Scottish Fold, I trapped last week, at the barn, where he'd been dumped by somebody?  Well, he's up with a Portland rescue, who got his ears cleaned out, while he was under sedation and....he got a beautiful lion cut!  He's fabulous!   His name is now Sherman.

You can see a video they made of him here! (worth the click)

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