Sunday, March 31, 2013


I made some art of photos I've taken.  I found these three photo frames on sale.  I want to hang them in my bathroom.  So this is one of the final projects.  It's Smolder, out in the cat yard atop a cat climb.  Distorted by Picassa.

And this one, of Sam, is now hanging over the can, in my bathroom.

This last of my art project photo conversions, is Barn Cat Friends, a photo I took out at the BS colony.
 The rest of these are just some snapshots I took last couple of days, which were full of sun.  I went nowhere though.  I think I'm going nowhere fast.  I don't feel so well, still, and now, my paranoid mind and aloneness make me think maybe I've got something deadly, something lethal, taking me over.
Smolder out in the cat yard.  My mower still isn't fixed, as I have not been able to get it to Portland to be fixed at the Black and Decker repair center, under warranty.  I got out the crappy push mower.   It is so dull it tears at grass.

The very old cat house, with a maple log path out to it.  It needed a path out for the winter when the water stands out in the backyard.  One day I'll get to the grass. With something.  Don't know what.

That limb supporting the cat run is from the maple that split.

The Cherry Tree is blooming.  If it gets pollinated, I'll have cherries.  Last years crop was very bad, sour and most cherries rotted on the tree, due to warm rain hitting just as they were ripening.

I do very little with cats these days.  I can't, anymore.  Technically, I have until June, to take in a few more, but I must limit my trips to use of Heartland's clinic, which means not taking many in, and maybe a couple more trips to the the FCCO.  It's my car, you see.  Drip, drip, dripping oil still.  Guess it won't magically just stop.  Had hoped it would.  Why not?  For awhile after I switched to super high mileage oil, the drip slowed.  Or maybe I didn't really look very close.  

Even if the car was not an issue, I can't do more with cats.  I have too many here.  I can't get caught up in situations where I might have to take some in.  I've just got too many already.  My job is taking care of them now.   Just the way things worked out.  I wish there were places for all the unwanteds.  I wish had money and land to create them a space.  To hell with selfish violent pseudo religious humans.  I'm not sure why I bother being lonely.

All these easter services all over the world.  Seems ironic.  And strange!  Doesn't it seem strange to anyone else?  We're such a violent blood thirsty and viscious species.  But its like a big secret or super ok for us to be that way while still declaring ourselves "the best most loved wonderful god fearing species to ever be"!  Peace, Love, and Joy on easter! (unless you're a hippy saying Peace and Love, then you're scum).  

Seems like everybody must be dropping acid to behave so contradictorily and not even notice.  

  I am too lonely for sanity to hold much longer.  I'm bored out of my mind.  I feel old and useless and redundant.

But my bathroom looks nice...

Click here if you want to buy Four Friends on RedBubble.

I'm getting a paypal account.  I can then try to raise money for a couple of nonprofits dear to my heart---Odd Cat Out, the new Poppa Inc. and a couple spay neuter groups.  If I can sell some cat photos to earn money for cat food and vet visits up at Odd Cat Out, be great.  If I can still get a few cats fixed, be great too.

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