Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jefferson, OR Bans Feeding Animals Outside. Starvation for Ferals.

The City of Jefferson, Oregon, which is north of Albany and in Marian County, has banned all feeding of animals outside within city limits.  This means not even your own pets on your own property.  Talk about nanny state laws.  Talk about government controlling people.

This action, although seemingly aimed at wild turkeys, will result in many feral cats suffering prolonged deaths due to starvation.  Jefferson has many seedy neighborhoods where tenants get cats and leave them behind, unfixed, who then breed and form feral colonies, fed then by the kind hearted.

Sure it is stupid to feed cats and not get them fixed and we have many programs in Oregon so that can be done free or exceedingly cheaply.  We also have many lazy people who don't fix their pets and lazy control freak city councils who decide to control people's lives and kill victims.

If the council in Jefferson wanted to create nanny laws, a mandatory spay neuter law would have been more humane and more effective.  Instead, they plan to fine kind people, ordinary citizens, make criminals of them, who take pity on a stray cat.  This is how nasty, violent, distorted and inhumane our society has become.

You can read about it by clicking this link.

Can a city be charged with animal abuse?  Because that is what they have chosen to do, starve cats to death, cats who are dependent on those who feed them.  Now, those who feed them can be fined if they do that simple act, as the result of a city ordinance.  The ordinance calls for citywide animal abuse.  Jefferson should be charged with animal abuse.

I am currently living in poverty zone.  I spent too much of my precious few resources helping save those Albany apartment complex cats.  I gave up even my prepaid cell for now, unable to afford a new minutes card. I have a landline, but no long distance capacity on it.  No big deal though.  Nobody calls me, not ever.  The calls I used to get were all people wanting help with cats.  I can live without a phone.

I have driven so few miles since that final trip to Portland, when I got the last two girls fixed, my car bucks and complains now if I start it for a drive to a store.

I'm trying to save it too, stretch out its existence, by driving it rarely.  Yes, it still leaks oil, but it leaks less oil if I don't drive it.

Last week I ate from a pot of black beans I soaked and cooked every day.  Not that bad, except towards the end, when I added an onion, that might have been a tad rotten.  Grocery Outlets' produce is really awful. I  need to adhere to my rule:  never buy anything fresh there.  The onions in the bag I bought there had sprouted by the next day.

I live an even more limited contained life.   I don't see anybody.  I don't do anything outside of the chores here.  I don't talk to anyone.  I wish it was different, but it's not.  I'm trying to find a used bicycle I might afford.  Scared to buy one off craigslist because most listed there are stolen.  There are not bike paths in town here, so I don't know why I'm thinking a bike would be a help. I am so paranoid of riding one on car streets.  Been hit three times, maybe four, riding a bike, by a car.  After twice, I started getting freaked out riding on car streets.  Guess there's not much choice.  Unfortunately I still cannot walk far due to the injury on my left foot.  It is better, but if I use my foot too much, goes right back to the pain.  The walking cast/brace I got at Goodwill for that foot, was the best $4 I've spent in a long time.  Really has helped my foot a lot.  I doubt it would even be partially healed if it were not for that purchase.

I acknowledge how stupid it was of me to get involved with those apartment cats.  I didn't think I'd end up with some of them, but I did, or that I'd have to bear the costs, in gas, bait, and other things, like buying supplies for the sanctuary who originally took 8 of them.  I bought those supplies out of fairness, to that woman, for taking the eight, although two are now in a different foster.

I always think people will do the right thing, never leave a community member alone in such a righteous endeavor.  I always think I'll find them homes, get food and gas money contributed, all that.  But in the end, nobody does help and I'm left to clean up the aftermath of my own polyannish stupidity.

You see how Jefferson deals with people's irresponsible behavior.  They torture the victims.

  I don't like my life much right now.  Too alone, too limited.  Trying to figure something out.  It's hard being poor here, because there is nothing to do if you can't get out of town to go somewhere else.  It's ok if you just live here, and can go elsewhere to enjoy recreation or to shop.

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