Thursday, March 07, 2013

Gone Baby Gone

This is Hoss.  I took his photo last summer when I trapped him at the complex.  One evicted feeder woman told me she found him a home.  The other told me, day before yesterday, that wasn't true.  She said they took him to Salem Friends of Felines where he tested positive for Feline Aids.  They advised killing him.  Instead, he was taken back to the complex and turned out.  Then left, to starve.

Supposedly Hoss is the black cat left at the complex.  But he's nowhere to be found now, not since the night my trap got messed with.  Someone was in the trap and let out.  The trap was then reset very very badly, with no bait.

I believe he was in the trap and that whomever found him there, dumped him or killed him.  Even just turning him loose would scare the crap out of him.  Someone did this to him.  He's a victim again I think.

Today I pull the trap.  There's nothing I can do now.

It's been so terrible there trying to save all the cats.  You'd think those who said they cared about them would help.  That hasn't happened.

I'm worn out from it.  I'm in debt over it and will be for some time.  Nothing about it is right but that's the way the world is.

I sat in my car night after freezing painful night there.  I got mocked.  I got yelled at.  I got messed with.

 This world rewards assholes.

Hoss, I'm sorry.  I apologize to you.  I tried very hard to save you.

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