Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nine More. Nine More. Nine More.........

Life is hard here lately.  Blueberry is better, but life is hard.  Mitzy and Colors are still here, hoping for homes, of the 8 cats abandoned in Albany by a drug addict.  The other six of the 8 went to two other rescues, but I couldn't find another, to take the last two lost girls.

I still hope before the cascades of free kittens crowd craigslist, to find someone to love Mitzy and Colors.

In the meantime, I took 9 more local unfixed cats to be fixed Friday at Heartland.

I took five more girls from the 23rd street house.  I took three from an apartment on Jackson street.  And I took in the latest yard stray, although he has been around in and out of my yard for some time.  However, lately, he'd taken up residence in a neighbors shed and was spray marking, driving Peeman Sam into a frenzy of indoor pee marking in response.  I could not go forward, so Roger Roger, the name I gave this latest male, got himself trapped and fixed too.  It will be three weeks before he doesn't smell and act like an unfixed male.  Three more weeks of hell.

AC, one of the 23rd st house outside twin tabby girls, fixed Friday.

DC, the other outside tabby twin from 23rd street fixed Friday.

Harley, one of three sisters from the 23rd street house fixed Friday.

Molly, another of the three sisters, fixed Friday. I did not get a photo of Nixi, a torti, and the third sister.
Bagira, a medium hair brown tabby female, was also fixed, from Jackson street.

Bitsy, another Jackson street kitty fixed Friday.

Mocha, a big Siamese mix boy, also  fixed Friday.
Last but not least, Roger Roger, the yard stray, was fixed.
That's six more girls and three more boys who won't be making more unwanteds.  Breeding season and soon kitten season are upon us already.

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