Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo Updates.

Torbi teen, fixed Friday at the FCCO, from the Extreme Seniors colony.  All four teens, all girls, have now been fixed.  Only the mother needs trapped for fixing.  From that colony alone, since Wednesday, four very young kittens have been removed along with the starving skinny tame torti.  Plus, four teens fixed.  All since Wednesday.  No wonder I am tired.

Fourth girl teen from Extreme Seniors colony, fixed Friday.  One was fixed Wednesday, one Thursday and two Friday.
Two of the three teens I trapped and took to be fixed last Wednesday from the Two Legged Torti colony.  The  black one in the back is a girl, and the tabby a boy, the first boy of the colony.  I've trapped twelve there.  Only the one boy!  Well, a few of the 14 kittens I helped get out of there were boys.

Darling girl now fixed, from the Two Legged Torti colony.  I think a tenant there is going to take her in.
Teen male from Hill street whom Heartland took yesterday, along with two other teens and four younger kittens.

The other two teens I took to Heartland yesterday from the Hill St. house.  I didn't get a photo of the four young kittens, all adorable but who needed to be on antibiotics.
A giant blow up Casper now adorns the yard at the end of the block.  He sways and flickers in the night as if waving to everyone.  And that smile....

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