Friday, September 28, 2012

Snow and Rose

Snow and Rose will be fixed Sunday.  They're the last two kittens caught up at the colony.   I could not have done it without a Lebanon woman's help.  A man up there living on the property had promised to check the traps that afternoon and evening and if they were not caught in traps, catch them with my drop trap, which I left him.

But the Lebanon woman was my back up.  She offered to check the traps.  In the end, the man didn't check them at all and I'm glad Becky did.  The sad lonely Siamese kitten was caught first, with Snow, the white male kitten, nestled outside the trap beside her, to comfort her.  The other trap was closed but nothing in it.  So Becky reset and rebaited it.  When I rushed up there, after she told me the Siamese was caught, I imagined having to sit up there on edge, tip toeing so as not to disturb the people (how crazy is that), and wait it out with the drop trap for the white kitten.  But the white kitten was in the trap.  I didn't care then about who I disturbed.  I whooped and hollered for joy!

Snow's mom was fixed yesterday at Heartland along with a teen female I caught at a Corvallis business I've been trapping off and on all summer.  I also caught two other teens. But they will have to wait til Sunday to be fixed, too.

I have three more to catch there.  And it needs done.  New management there wants all the cats gone.  The colony has been there for years and years, although they never got them all fixed.  Now they will be and I don't know what their fate will be, but at least they will all be fixed.

KATA took in Juliet, the long hair black tux female kitten from the colony.  They may also soon take in the small four and their mom, plus Polly, the black and white, who had something go wrong with her, but now is doing just fine, outside of ringworm.  Like the four young ones.

The white adult female will have to return to the colony, which I hate to do, but there are no other options for her.  There are very few cats left up there, thanks to me, the FCCO, and friends.  The least they can do is care for those left up there.

It's always hard.

Rose, the Lynx Point girl kitten.
Snow, the white male kitten.
White adult female fixed yesterday.
The  young black long hair female teen from the Corvallis business fixed yesterday.
Corvallis business brown tabby teen, caught yesterday, but not yet fixed.
Black fluffy teen from the Corvallis business, caught yesterday, not yet fixed.

Juliet, from the Bone Pile Colony, now with KATA.

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