Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Goodbye Posey. Hello Robinhood!

Posey left me today.  She was adopted by an older Philomath woman.  Posey could well outlive the woman, but the old woman is in good shape.  She has one other very old cat.  She was actually interested in Slurpy as Slurpy is a mother hen type, but Slurpy was nowhere to be seen, once she and her grandson came inside and Posey cozied up immediately to both.  I was happy about that because I didn't think Slurpy would be a good fit anyhow.  She loves too many of the cats here so much.

I ran into the old Mormon I butted heads with over near Posey's colony. He fed a colony around the corner and was a big problem the entire time I was trying to get them fixed, moving traps, closing them, letting cats out, just hard on me.  I'd yell at him, he'd yell back and he finally told me to get my equipment and get the hell away, which I did, gladly, after getting the four teens fixed and two big roam in males, one of whom I placed in a home.  I felt bad because I did nto catch the mother.  He didn't donate a dime and even argued that what possibly could have cost me any money if someone else had paid for the fixes.  Since I got them all fixed at S/nipped, I said, "Gas, for one thing, and lots of it."  Then he claimed nobody was twisting my arm, which was true, but I was helping him out, at other church members request, and he should not have cost me money doing so.  One other trapper he had sought help with had bowed out after similar troubles with him.

I ran into him over at Fred Meyer and we talked.  He claims there are only two.  I said "What happened to the third teen?"  I had placed one with KATA, but had returned three.  He claims a woman took it.  Then he claimed the original trapper took the mom, when he finally trapped her.  But then he talked about taking one of the cats, don't know which, out to a dairy and was about to turn her loose, when the woman came out and asked that he not do that. 

He's so full of baloney, that I don't know what really happened to the mom or the third teen.  I hope the Lebanon rescuer did take both.  I finally hugged him but I don't like his ways at all and was glad to be free of him once I left the store.

Today I also found out Robinhood was taken back to Heartland.  I took in Robinhood after the city asked me to intervene at a duplex.  Neighbors complained they had too many uncared for cats and the place stunk.  Turns out, I knew the people living there amidst their own trash and parasites.  I'd run into them at Camp Boondoggle, the homeless camp Albany bought from Millersburg and afterwards, forced the homeless out to make a park of it.  There were three dozen unfixed cats roaming there, like everywhere in Albany.  The city asked me to remove them.  I don't know why.  For gosh sakes, I lived in Corvallis at the time, on SSI no less. 

It was a terrible time for me.  But anyhow, to run into these people, with more cats now, living in their own trash again, was unsettling.  Maybe it should nto have been.  That's what they thought was normal.   The guy was toothless and chronically unbathed and had a cat he kept in a spiked choke collar on a chain.  He'd adopted that one from Safehaven.  Poor cat was crawling in fleas.  Made me mad and I let Safehaven have it over adopting a cat to such a situation.  They had two other cats, an unfixed male they were "breeding a female with" and the female, with her underweight flea ridden kittens.  And outside, they fed a stray.  That stray was the placid light gray and white male I named Robinhood.

At the same time, I was trapping over on campus and ran into a woman who wanted to know what I was doing.  We talked.  She worked at the vet college, then, I think she said.  She was impressive to me, a professional.  I told her what I did and even told her about Robinhood, still living outside the putrid duplex, and how he needed somewhere to go.  She said she'd take him.  So off he went.

A couple years later, I was inside Heartland Humane and noticed a big light gray stately male with a right ear tip.  I thought "I know that cat."  It came to me later.  Robinhood.  Robinhood had had a right ear tip already, when I first met him being fed as a stray outside that duplex.  But I didn't recognize him as a cat I'd taken to be fixed. I don't know who got him fixed, where he got an ear tip, then abandoned him.  I called the family who had adopted him after seeing him there at Heartland.  Seems a neighbor had brought him to Heartland knowing full well he was their cat.  The owners took him home. 

Robinhood back in 2008, before he went to yet another home.

Robinhood now, taken at Heartland, where he remains, again unwanted.
His owner e-mailed me a couple days ago, asking if I'd seen Robinhood at Heartland, that he was missing again and a neighbor was acting strange about it.  I e-mailed Heartland and sure enough, he's there again, brought in by the same asshole neighbor.  But this time, his owners say they're leaving him there.  I was so upset.  They figure he's in danger at their place, from the neighbor who has now stolen him twice and taken him to Heartland.

What will become of Robinhood?  He's had such a hard time of it with humans already.

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