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69 Kittens, Cats Have Moved Through My Hands This Spring, Summer

It's hard to recall all the kittens and cats so far this spring and summer who have moved through my hands, from fixing situations, on to other rescues and shelters or homes.  But this has been a huge year so far and a terrible kitten season.  I am trying not to take in more cats.  I have too many.  I had only one extra from the last year, Posey, from Spicer Origins colony and she has now got a home.  So far so good too.

I also lost Feather this year and found Valentino a home, reducing my overall number here by two.

I lost my beloved Dex last spring, to kidney failure.

The youngest cats here are:  Honey, Teddy and Starr, from the homeless camp, now three and half years old.  The Quirky Sisters, Fantasia and Echo, now two and half years old.  Nemo and Starry, two and a half years old.  And Slurpy, three years old.  Four of the Apathetic Albany business cat nine are only two years old, also.  Those are my youngest!

Most of the other cats here would be considered senior, over six and several, over ten.  It's become a nursing home!  My oldest cat is former Corvallis river cat, Vision, who is now 18 years old, at least.  Deaf Miss Daisy is closing in on 9 years old, which makes me sick to think about.  Comet is nine now. Electra is 14.  Comet, Vision, Miss Daisy and Electra are the only cats here now whom I moved here with.

Since most of the cats and kittens went to rescues and shelters, I want to thank them.  I am no good at adoptions, so appreciate so much the help I have received from the following groups and individuals:  PAWS, in West Linn, Heartland Humane in Corvallis whose help has been a lifesaver.  They are so good to me and to the kittens and cats in need I encounter.  KATA in Foster, Sweet Home.  Safehaven, who took in one of the 61, a teen.  Poppa Inc's president, Keni, who took in two kittens from Albany.  Karmen in Wilsonville, who acts as an intermediary, holding cats or kittens until she can get them into Portland area rescues.  Oregon Humane, who took in the FIV positive three legged Albany male Mac, after another Portland rescue acted as an intermediary, holding him then getting him to OHS.  Oregon Cat, who took in five Albany kittens.  And the unnamed Portland rescue who took in the five Lebanon kittens and 8 more from the Riverside Cemetery colony.

Ok, here's the list, just the ones I can remember:

3--Harrisburg colony---3 bottle babes.  I trapped 18 adults and teens, there, returned them after they were fixed, and took three tiny bottle babes, found in the barn, to PAWS, up in West Linn.  Thank you Sharon and PAWS.

1--white male teen, roaming around begging at the Circle K on Queen.  Employees said someone living behind them moved, leaving their cats.  I put him in my car and took him to Safehaven.

3--Three kittens from Albany, to Heartland.  I took in the mom to be fixed, after a KATA referral. They confessed to giving away the kittens in front of Walmart in Albany until Walmart told them to leave.  There were three left.  I took them, then got them to Heartland.

2--Two Corvallis river business kittens to Heartland.  I trapped so far at this business six adult males and three adult females, two teens, then the two small female kittens, who tamed quickly, and who Heartland took in.

2--One Albany young Scottish Fold Munchkin stray and her kitten.  I trapped this stray female, an old couple fed, got her fixed, determined she was tame, and found her a home.  I'd already taken her one surviving kitten, a male, to Heartland.  Two more off the streets.

1-Mac--one legged FIV positive Albany adult stray male, who went to a Portland rescue, then to OHS, and finally got a home.

1-Kiwi, Albany unwanted Siamese.  Kiwi's owner missed two spay appointments then gave her away free on craigslist.  She immediately went missing.  Neither the new owner nor her old owner went looking for her, so when I heard about it, I did.  Two months later, after going through terrible floods we had, then snow, she showed on a porch of a woman I'd contacted about her, since she feeds strays.  Kiwi eventually went to a WA state rescue and almost immediately got a home, being a wonderful kitty.  Not a good traveller though.  OMG, that trip up with Vivian from Brownsville with her, was hell on earth.  Kiwi howled, sprayed the car with diarrhea, tore out of carriers and made both of us consider suicide as a viable out!

17--17 kittens from Kitten Production colony in Lebanon.  Got all the adults fixed there about 16, I think, and took out 17 of  24 kittens.  KATA took four and Heartland took 13 of them.  Some died and some made it and on to homes.

5--Around the corner from the above colony, have so far taken in 11 more adults and teens to be fixed, and found a Portland rescue who took in five kittens from the colony, all with severe issues, that include ringworm, URI's, worms and one kitten had a dead bulging eye.  Another three week old had two dead glazed over eyes.

9--Albany Two Legged torti colony.  8 kittens taken from this colony and nine adults fixed.  Five of the kittens went to Karmen in Wilsonville then to Oregon Cat in Lake Oswego.  Three of them went to Heartland. The ninth kitten, a male, was adopted by a friend in Newport.

6--Two adults and three male kittens from 16th street in Albany and one adult male Siamese with embedded collar.  Vivian in Brownsville took in the Black tux tame female, Betsy, mom of the adult Siamese she also took in, while Betsy's latest litter, the three boys, went to different places.  Karmen, then Keni, took in the black male and his brother the black tux, while Simon, the Siamese brother, went off with two Siamese kittens from the seed warehouse to a Siamese rescue in WA state.  The embedded collar damaged adult Siamese male is at Heartland.

8--8 kittens from colony near a cemetery.  Four others, three adults and a teen, were fixed and returned.

6--Five kittens in all from the seed warehouse south of Corvallis were rehomed and one adult.  Two black males kittens from different moms went to Heartland Humane while a third black female kitten was fixed then I adopted her to a Lebanon couple.  Also, from the same place, Juno, and her two Siamese kittens were saved.  Juno went to Brownsville while her two kittens went off to the WA state rescue.

5--Three orange tabby kittens, crawling in fleas, from a Lebanon woman, who failed to pick up her two carriers, were taken in by Heartland Humane and two adult males from the same woman, were fixed at the FCCO and taken in by Karmen of Wilsonville, who eventually will get them into OHS, for adoption.

69 cats and kittens so far this spring, but I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some cats and kittens. I didn't count Posey in that number. The list, nonetheless, is impressive so far, and highlights the need for spay neuter, education and rescue.

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