Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Corvallis Cat Fixed yesterday. Five Albany Cats Being Fixed Today.

Not Buster, a cat I trapped at the Corvallis River Business colony, was finally fixed yesterday at the Portland FCCO.  He also had two canines pulled as they were broken and badly eroded at the gumline.  The business people had said it was Buster, a short hair black tux tame male, who had roamed there.  I was skeptical, since he was fluffy and didn't seem so tame to me, would come at me, hissing, and actually got away from me yesterday morning as I was attempting to transfer him from the rabbit hutch, where he's been housed until I could get him fixed, into a trap.  It was quite the scene, as I tried to recontain him before he got up over above the cat room in the garage, where it would have been hell to get him out.  I was tripping over things in my garage, cursing, omg, it was a difficult morning, but I got him contained and off we went to the FCCO. I love the FCCO.

Not Buster
I took him back this morning and one of the business people was trying to pet him through the trap mesh, cooing at "Buster" and I said "be careful because I don't think that's ever been a tame cat."  All of a sudden they realize it is not Buster.  So his name is officially "Not Buster".  He's back home in his territory now and out of the reproduction game at last.

I also took five Albany cats to be fixed at Heartland today.  This little family illustrates so well how feral colonies start.

The matriarch is a tame black tux female, abandoned in the neighborhood.  Last fall she had kittens only one of  whom is still around, a feral Siamese female, just a young adult.  The same tame black tux had three more kittens this spring and now is pregnant again.  So she, her survivor from last fall, the Siamese female, and now the three latest kittens are all being fixed.  They are not wanted there.  They are fed by the mother of the man who lives in the house who doesn't wan them around.  She feeds only when she comes to babysit her grandkids.

Tame abandoned black tux female with one of her three latest kittens.  She was pregnant again This is how feral colonies begin--some asshole leaves behind or dumps out their unfixed kitty.

Young adult Siamese mix female, born last fall to the tame abandoned black tux female.  Also being fixed today, like her mom.

The Siamese male who had the embedded collar is also at Heartland today.  The wound is really ugly, red and raw, where that collar rubbed and was embedded under his right front leg and across his belly.  I e-mailed the city lady about it and asked if she thought this was a police issue, of neglect and she said she'd forward the information to them and they could follow up if they thought it constituted neglect.  Be hard to prove she didn't try to find him, although he came right to me and was only two houses from where the people live who adopted him, from a Salem shelter.  He won't be going back to that shelter, as they are high kill and I want him to be in a good home and loved, after he heals, which can take time with wounds like that.

He's being seen by a vet and tested (at my expense).  If he's negative and cleared to go, he'll be keeping Juno company down in Brownsville for the time it takes for his wounds to heal.  Then a home will be sought for him.

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