Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cat Photos

Juno, the seed warehouse mother of three kittens, two of whom are here with me.  The third was found much younger with gunked shut eyes and taken home by a warehouse worker.  Juno is leaving today to go to a rescue who will work to socialize her.

Kahlua, the Siamese girl kitten I caught last out at the warehouse, now in my bathroom.  Probably next week, the two sisters will head to a WA state Siamese rescue.

Sambi, the kitten I snuck up on, at the seed warehouse, and netted.

Echo, born in a utility room in down town Albany, now three years old.

The eccentric and precious Deaf Miss Daisy.

Buster, the latest big male I caught at the Corvallis river business colony.  He will be fixed tomorrow.

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