Sunday, June 03, 2012


Six toes up front!!! Most of these kittens are polydactyls.

Brown tabby male kitten.

This little sleek self confident black female is something else!

Black and white female kitten.

The calico kitten is a sweetie and smart.

Orange and white polydactyl male kitten and the black tux laid back poly male kitten.

Blue female kitten.  The students took her back last night when I returned the last of the adults fixed last Thursday.  A neighbor wants her.

Darling laid back long hair polydactyl male kitten from the down town colony.  Up for grabs!

Pile of down town colony kittens.  Left to right, male tabby kitten, long hair polydactyl calico kitten, short hair polydactyl female black and white, medium hair orange and white polydactyl male, long hair black tux male polydactyl.
Calico long hair polydactyl kitten.

Short hair black and white female kitten, the orange and white male and the black tux long hair male.

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