Thursday, May 03, 2012

Wet Food Diets for Cats Better

More and more articles on cat diets advocate for feeding wet food over dry.  Some vets are convinced the high rate of kidney failure in felines is directly linked to dry food diets.  Cats by nature get the water they need from their food.  Getting a cat to drink enough water if you feed only dry food will be a problem.

Click this link to read up on ways to prevent urinary blockages.

The above article on urinary blockages also advises feeding cats grain free wet food diets, to increase their water consumption to prevent urinary blockages.

Unnatural foods, like grain or even fish, (cats don't fish or raise corn for food), can irritate a cats' urinary tract, so avoid fish flavored cat foods.  Avoiding grain filled cat food is very difficult now that our world seems almost entirely corn fed.    Some dry cat foods will blatantly post the very first ingredient as corn.  How nasty is that?  Your cats system cannot handle corn.  Neither can a cow's system.   Corn should be declared a noxious weed and destroyed.

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