Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Screech is Being a Pain

Sceech, now in my garage awaiting neuter, is trying my patience.  He yowls, howls, screeches, strikes at me, and hisses.  He is noisy and messy, overturning his litter box, carrier bed, water and food dishes.  He slept in the carrier bed, then peed in it then acted outraged that it was dirty.  If ever a cat needed a neuter job, it is Screech.  Hormones are driving him batty.  And his hormones are driving me batty, too!

One moment he's sweet as can be, wanting to be petted.  The next he is a viscous monster out to kill me.  OMG, Screech.

The misery kept me up last night, heart pounding, to hear him out in the garage, yowling, upsetting my cats, tearing up the rabbit hutch, which is super comfortable.  He's on antibiotics because he's sick, too, so he could really use this time out from his hard life to advantage.  But his hormones won't let him.

Right now, thank god in heaven, he's sleeping.  Wish I was!

Last night, I thought about just turning him loose, but he'll come back in my yard and drive my cats mad with his spray marking.  He'd resume tearing up the neighbor's cats too.  He has to be neutered.  Period.

I will survive this.  Somehow.

Screech.  Screech.  You should have been born a girl kitty.

Or born to decent owners.

I have cats who need fixed coming out of the woodwork.

I contacted a person advertising two abandoned cats in Albany.  They're going to be fixed tomorrow. 

I contacted a Lebanon woman advertising a mom and deaf four week old white kitten.  The mom, a stray, and her unfixed brother will be fixed tomorrow.  She had three kittens.  Her dog ate one of them just after birth.  The second one, born 24 hours later with a brother, died two days after birth.  The brother is now four weeks old.  The mom will only spend a few moments nursing him, the woman said.

I contacted someone posting on craigslist about "Lots of Cats" in Albany.  Turns out they feed ten adults and there are nine kittens already.  The adults all came from one abandoned calico.  Today I'm off to try to catch all ten adults to be fixed.

I was contacted by a woman I helped with cats before, who lives at an Albany complex where things are now a whole lot better since I got over a dozen cats there fixed over a year ago.  Chessie is still here from that complex.  She's an older torbi, very pleasant and easy.  She was feeding another torti and has been feeding her for a month.  She's feral but not very feral, probably abandoned.  The woman now has her own trap and caught her yesterday.  She also took in an almost hairless (from fleas) teen female who will be fixed at another go around.

The fourth female a woman rescued, from being shot, the other three, plus a male having been fixed over a week ago, will be fixed tomorrow too.  She couldn't catch the fourth female last week.

Two other Albany females, from an apartment complex, one theirs, one they found, will also be fixed tomorrow.  And a stray male out off Peoria road was caught by the people feeding him.  They saw him go onto their enclosed back patio, to eat, and sneaked up and closed the windows from the outside, then went inside and threw a blanket over the panicked huge cat, to get him into a carrier.  Then they revised a rabbit run to hold him until he could be fixed.  Now that's dedication!  

Cats!  Cats!  Cats!  The Albany colony has nine kittens and where will they go and they should be fixed first, to prevent them from starting up the problem elsewhere.  What are people thinking who feed cats without fixing them?  So many cats with no options for getting homes!  Too many kittens born!

But, Poppa Inc. and me are taking a swath out of the problem tomorrow, we are.  Won't be an easy day.  Hasn't been easy the last two days and nights with Screech in my garage. But what is the alternative?  My cats pee marking because he's spraying everything down outside on a regular basis?  My neighbors cats being torn to pieces because he has fighting issues?  Nope.  Screech is getting neutered.  Period.  My pain and suffering could have been spared by his owner, whomever that person was, if they'd only acted responsibly towards him and towards neighbors!  If I knew who they are or were, I'd sue them.

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