Friday, May 18, 2012

Lebanon Kitten Factory Shut Down!!!

Long tail silver tabby male from Kitten Factory Colony fixed yesterday.
 Muted torti, fixed May 18, at the FCCO clinic from the Kitten Factory colony.
Calico, fixed yesterday, from the Kitten Factory colony.
 This is the tame female from the house across the street, but who wasn't going to be fixed otherwise.  So they agreed to her being fixed at the FCCO clinic and off she went.  She had six kittens.  Heartland now has two of them and KATA has four.  That's her in the photo below also.
 Short tail torbi female fixed yesterday from Kitten Factory colony.
 Long tail torbi female fixed yesterday.
Third orange and white male fixed yesterday from Kitten Factory colony.
 Big laid back brown tabby stub tail male, fixed yesterday from Kitten Factory colony.
 This buff female and the Lilac Pt. Siamese long hair female, were both fixed yesterday from the colony.  The buff female was lactating but her kittens had been taken away by the colony caretaker, to tame and care for.  Most of hers are now at Heartland, although two remain with the primary colony caretaker for now.  The Siamese female was just a teen and pregnant.
 This pathetic skinny little gray girl, with red tinged fur (from malnutrition) was last caught at the colony and neither pregnant nor lactating. 
 The gray female again fixed yesterday.

 Second orange and white male, this one half tame, fixed from Kitten Factory Colony yesterday.
 Third orange and white male fixed yesterday from Kitten Factory Colony.  This guy was the oldest of the three orange and whites.

The Lebanon Kitten Factory has shuttered.  No more kitten production will take place there.  Who is responsible for shuttering kitten production?

Me, my live traps, a falling apart drop trap, and the FCCO clinic today in Portland.

There you have it.

13 adult cats from the Lebanon Kitten Factory were fixed today.  Previously (Wednesday and yesterday) 17 kittens have been moved out of there, with seven more needing a place to go, although for now, the seven left up there are safe.  Two are inside with the colony caretaker while her daughter in law has five of them.

Two of the 15 today were dumped off in Lacomb and ended up at a house thankfully, where kind people live.  Now they're fixed and vaccinated.

Of the other 13, all come from the Kitten Factory colony.  But one is tame and lives across the street from the colony but otherwise would never have been fixed.  Her six kittens are at Heartland (two) and with KATA (four).  They were about to get given away way too young on craigslist.

So, considering the 12 from the colony outright.  There were three orange and white boys, a big brown tabby boy with a short crooked tail and a silver tabby boy.  Five big huge boys.

Seven girls--a buff orange, a torti, a torbi, a short tail torbi, a lilac pt pregnant teen Siamese long hair, a calico and a strange little gray long hair, with a cold, the last caught.

They'll go home tomorrow.

So last night, when I talked to the colony caretaker, she says she saw two more cats who need fixed, a black male with multiple toes and hair loss from fleas, then a young gray female.

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