Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Problem Babies Now--Gretal and Feather

I've been playing around with Open Office program "Gimp", which is free to upload, and layer masking, after seeing a FB post by a cat friend in Canada about bored architectural students on spring break creating LOLCATS and architecture. On that tumblr page, that was indeed funny, there was also a tutorial on using Photoshop layer masks. I don't have photo shop, but I have the free program "Gimp" and it too allows playing with layer masks. Below is my first play creation:
I have several cats who have had serious health issues. Feather, Gretal and Brambles are the ones with the worst troubles. Brambles is a chronic herpes boy. He has outbreaks now and then, but not so much anymore. Gretal is doing just great after getting rid of all her teeth and then getting over the slurpy back of throat cold, or "feline mumps" virus, as I've dubbed it. Feather is still skinny but got over feline mumps and is slowly gaining some weight. I don't know what her underlying issue is. She has never thrived since she came here, trapped at the Santiam rest area, abandoned there and nearly starved to death, in late 2008.

I call the new virus feline mumps because of how it presents: Swollen under jaw lymph glands, at the very back, sometimes becoming very large. Copius production of mucous in the back of the throat or sinus cavities that drains down their throat or drools out and causes gagging and hacking and difficulty swallowing. This virus is widespread but comes on slowly and doesn't affect most cats. I had four come down with it here: Valentino, Posey, Feather and Gretal. Posey's brother and mother, over at the colony, are suffering with it. My Brownsville friend with cats has had four or five of hers get it, but others have remained unaffected. Valentino is old. Posey is young. Feather and Gretal are both health compromised. Or were, I should say with Gretal. So I call it mumps, because it is not a normally presenting feline "cold".
Gretal looking almost chubby now and 100% better than she has been for a long time.

Feather, looking much better, but still not 100%. Sure is improved though.

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