Saturday, April 28, 2012

Front Room Redo

I rid the front room of the Stinky Couch.  I called it the Stinky Couch because it's always had an odor of mold to it.  I should never have agreed to take it from a neighbor when they moved.

 It was vinyl, not clothe, so I thought I could clean it up to smell ok.  The neighbors' garage was one of "those", crammed top to bottom, back to front with junk.  That was tough on them when they moved.  The black couch had been inside that crammed full garage for I don't know how long.  Where it came from before it ended up inside there, buried in other forgotten possessions, I don't know.

So it came here, and I should not have brought it in.  So now it's out in my driveway and I will need to take it apart to use what I can of the wood, recycle the metal and get rid of the rest, mostly foam.  Dismantling a couch is very hard and painful on my hands.

With the Stinky Couch gone, I rearranged the front room.  The cats have not approved so far.  I am Queen cat here.  I have the say at least on furniture.

I rewrapped the climbing pole in new used carpet pieces.  I'd been given some Mercedes Benz car floor mats.  No kidding!  My cats are now climbing and sharpening claws on some high end rug rags!

 I got an adoption inquiry on Posey this morning.  I hope they call.  

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