Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The Portland woman who had originally contacted me interested in adopting him is indeed still interested and may come down this Saturday, to take him home. She's a real animal lover and I have no doubts about this adoption, if it works out for her.


I am excited for Val also because of his flea allergy and so many cats in and out here.

I hope it works out. Cross your fingers!

Gretal started drooling pus again, but, turns out, this time it's a sinus infection. I got some antibiotics today and she'll begin on those. She will join Feather in the bathroom, whom now I believe is clogged in hair. I am convinced enough of this to begin her on stool softeners. I had to be sure her rather rapid weight loss was not due to diarrhea, because then, it would only make things worse.

I got the Poly sand today!!! Yay and thank you. I also acquired a flat enclosed plastic oil collection tank. They went on sale, down from over $20 to just under $10. Now, to rig the whole thing. I have to figure some fittings is all and make a cabinet to hold the litter box above the tank, not such a problem with the flat oil collection tank which is max five inches high.

I would like to have acquired a larger plastic storage container, as a covered litter box, but I have not found one at a thrift store or discarded and they're too expensive to buy new. So my prototype will be small.

I will attach homemade charcoal filters to the inside of the litter box. I get charcoal in plastic jars at Walmart. You just put the charcoal into a nylon then into a plastic container with holes drilled in it. That charcoal can be washed and even frozen to kill bacteria every now and then. Another good odor absorber--coffee grounds!

I will have to perfect my litter box over time and with observation. Most of the cleaning up I do here is cleaning litter boxes and the tracking of litter around the house. Much of my expense here is buying litter and disposing of it. If I can only eliminate litter from my life, I'll be a happy camper!

If Valentino ends up going to this Portland home, I will really be a happy camper. These are dedicated animal lovers and good people.

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